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All the things you always wanted for your mining log tool, ask for them here. 
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Announcement one zero zero zero zero zero zero (1,000,000) claims ! 05/23/2014 09:35AM
Announcement Back in business 10/25/2012 12:56AM
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Trading Module

by Jack Hipster Kimble
202 3 06/26/2018 11:25AM
Last Post by Caroline Carr Barlan

user defined markers

by Heidi Hatatfatcat Stassinopolis
209 2 11/28/2017 09:21PM
Last Post by Ido

Tree Maps

by Jack Hipster Kimble
267 3 11/14/2017 02:58AM
Last Post by sluggo miner69er fisthammer

filter based on date and TIME (and/or run) (and more)

by onehalf onehalf lost
393 2 02/17/2017 08:15AM
Last Post by Ido

Exporting drops in csv files as well

by Iena Dark13 Sol
630 5 01/15/2017 05:02PM
Last Post by Ido

Mining Run Planner

by Alexis Sky Greenstar
676 2 11/08/2016 09:36AM
Last Post by Ido

AutoVideo Global and Hof

by Teora Donte Schaub
797 1 05/26/2016 02:10PM
Last Post by Teora Donte Schaub

Data Analysis: from Webpage

by Bar King Boxer
768 3 12/01/2015 01:47PM
Last Post by Bar King Boxer

A way to tag amped?

by sluggo miner69er fisthammer
941 3 11/25/2015 09:20PM
Last Post by sluggo miner69er fisthammer

Getting started ....

by Jesper Yezpahr van-den-Berg
863 2 08/20/2015 08:59AM
Last Post by Ido

full screen mode

by Limrof Lepano Ebutesier
977 2 05/16/2015 10:29PM
Last Post by Ido

Sticky note function on map

by Piros Baron Deluxe
993 2 03/07/2015 02:17AM
Last Post by Ido

Possible Resources within finder Max Depth

by Julie Jewels Snow
1,134 1 01/30/2015 02:34AM
Last Post by Julie Jewels Snow

Min, Avg and Max Depth Chart

by Elizabeth Lizzy Holmes
1,002 2 01/19/2015 08:55AM
Last Post by Ido

two additional settings

by Iam Flatline Legion
1,075 5 12/17/2014 02:17PM
Last Post by Iam Flatline Legion

Toulan Ore/Enmatters

by Juliane Emma Morgan
1,121 6 12/01/2014 04:50AM
Last Post by Ido

Hex Grid

by Teora Donte Schaub
1,404 13 11/18/2014 04:07AM
Last Post by Teora Donte Schaub

Alphabetical order in Resource list for Unknown claims

by Mikkel Killer Koch
1,240 7 11/06/2014 04:53PM
Last Post by Mikkel Killer Koch

my wish list

by Jhan Delarea Freitas
1,966 9 10/29/2014 03:12PM
Last Post by Iam Flatline Legion

Claim Values

by Derik Wyphy Reiter
1,129 6 10/05/2014 04:45PM
Last Post by Derik Wyphy Reiter


by Jojo Xerxes Valix
1,810 6 09/20/2014 09:13AM
Last Post by Ido

Share data on already mined areas

by sluggo miner69er fisthammer
1,307 5 09/01/2014 05:05PM
Last Post by Iam Flatline Legion

Beeps/Warnings on Expiring Nodes

by Meloveyou Longtime FiveDolla
1,123 2 06/12/2014 01:03AM
Last Post by Ido

Preset Configs

by gannicus thecelt warrior
1,111 2 03/23/2014 07:27PM
Last Post by Ido

Separate hit rate for mixed mining

by Piros Baron Deluxe
1,213 4 02/26/2014 10:47PM
Last Post by Piros Baron Deluxe

It could be possible to delete runs?

by Chema Scopus Pamundi
1,214 2 02/23/2014 08:11PM
Last Post by Ido

un bouton pour les zones vide

by yvan barnakis garro
1,458 2 04/05/2013 01:07PM
Last Post by Ido

Stats. Attachments

by Eve Damsel Online
1,688 3 02/07/2013 05:17PM
Last Post by Saulius Airskin Mikalauskas

NRF old drops

by Chainsaw Voorhees Madness
1,622 5 01/21/2013 05:14PM
Last Post by Chainsaw Voorhees Madness

Save coordinates for future use

by William Cyber Punk (Planet Express)
1,697 1 11/27/2012 05:41PM
Last Post by William Cyber Punk (Planet Express)