This section will describe in steps the software and "How To" use it.


1 Setting Up

There are several things you must prepare for the tool to work properly. Following these steps will save you a lot of headache.

1.1 Disable Claim Deed Object

For propper claim deed scanning you must hide/disable the claim deed object in the claim deed window. To do this follow these 3 simple steps:

1) In any item window click the little arrow in the bottom left corner
2) Click it once more
3) Click on the box icon, and the item should dissapear

If the claim deed item is left under the text while canning it can interfere with the algorithm and the scanning will fail.

1.2 Enable Main Chat Logging

The tool depends on reading multiple things from chat, like resource depleted messages planet and position information your globals and hof. Chat messages are stored in a chat.log file where the tool can access and process them. To have the chat log file active you must enable it in the in-game options. To do this follow these 2 simple steps:

1) In the Options window click HUD
2) Enable the "Enable Main Chat Logging" checkbox

If this option is not selected you will not be able to locate yourself by pressing P and the tool will not let you operate it. All the buttons will be grayed out.

1.3 Enable Wait for Vertical Synchronization

Vertical Synchronization is important to improve screenshot capturing by limiting the amount of resources Entropia Consumes. Without it Entropia will try to render as many frames as possible limiting other programs performance if taking a claim deed scan takes a long time, enabling Vertical Sync might help speed things up. To do this follow these 2 simple steps:

1) In the Options window click GRAPHICS
2) Enable the "Wait for Vertical Synchronization" checkbox

If this option is not selected you might expirience additional lag when scaning a claim deed or with the Autmatic Position and Automatic Drop detection features.

1.4 Disable Anisotropic Filtering

Anisotropic Filtering will post process ingame textures causing automatic features to fail with recognizing the markers needed to perform image recognition. To do this follow these 2 simple steps:

1) In the Options window click ADVANCED
2) Disable the "Anisotropic Filtering" in the drop down box

If this option is not Disabled the auto features for claim and scanner detection wont work.

1.5 English language

Little Big Mining Log currently understands only english so to use it you must play with the english version of the client. To do this follow these 3 simple steps:

1) Before the game starts in the client loader press the Tools button
2) Open the Options tab (its opened by default)
3) Select "English" from the Language dropdown

If the language is not set to English the program will be unable to understand messages printed in the chat window, it will fail to detect your initial position and planet and to recognize your globals and hofs.

1.6 Disable Desktop Composition

(optional) Only when playing in full screen or getting black screenshots.
To allow the tool to capture your game screen in full screen mode you must disable Desktop Composition. This will disable areo effects while the game is running and once the game shuts down it will return the nice visual effects. To do this follow these 3 simple steps:

1) Rightclick the Entropia Universe\bin32\Entropia.exe file and select Properties
2) Open the Compatibility tab
3) Enable the "Disable Desktop Composition" checkbox

If this option is not selected all claim deed scanning attemtps will result with an error and a all black screenshot.

2 Installing and running the tool

2.1 Create your account

To start using the Little Big mining Log you must create an account. You do it here on the website the tool's login window also holds a link to the account setup page.

1) We require an e-mail address, a password.
2) It is reccomended to add your Full Avatar Name.
3) Users should not register their Entropia Universe login details (username and password) in the Little Big Mining Log system.
4) You also have to agree to our Terms of Use.

An e-mail will be sent to the account you provide with an activation link. Use it to activate your account and you are set to go.

2.2 Download, Unzip and Update

To start running the tool:

1) Download the latest release from here on the website.
2) Unzip it to any location you have write access to.
3) Run the LittleBigMiningLog.exe or Updater.exe to update the tool with all the mini patches.

If you are worried about keyboard hooking and key logging please read the "A word on keyboard hooking" chapter below.

2.3 Log In

Login using your credentials

1) Enter your login e-mail
2) Enter your password
3) (optional) Select to be logged in automatically
4) Press login

If you select to be remembered the tool will store your username and password as plain text in the LittleBigMiningLog.exe.config file. You can always erase them by hand or by pressing Log Out in the tools File menu.

3 Basics of operation

There are 3 general modes the Little Big Mining Log can operate in:

1) Automatic - the tool will do almost eveything itself by using advanced OCR techniques (might eat up system resources)
2) Kotkeys - where you can bind some keyboard keys and interact with the tool using those (keybinds must be enabled)
3) Buttons - most painful way but its there you can use the GUI buttons to interact with the tool.

In each subchapter where applicable we will reference these methods.

3.1 Finding yourself on the map

Press P or any other key you have binded ingame to the "Position" action to send your current coordinates to the chat.

The tool monitors the chat.log and will pick up on the key pressed. If you mark your position for the first time it will set your planet and enable the drop and scan features.

-- Automatic:To set up automatic radar tracking and identify your radar's size, first click File, then Settings, then Auto, and follow the green highlighted text for guidance. Make sure the Position from Radar button is checked. Follow step 1 and drag your radar so the top left corner of the radar is in the very top left of your game window. Once you have done that, click the Capture Sample button. If the radar is positioned correctly the white radar resoze arrow should be visible in the screenshot. Step 2 is clicking on that arrow in the LBML screenshot. Step 3 is a zoomed in image of the arrow, so click on the pixel that’s in the lower right corner of the arrow.
The window will revert back to step 1, but now show a screenshot of your longitude and latitude coordinates. If correctly captured, the formerly red indicator will turn green. If those coordinates in the screenshot are slightly offset vertically or are partially cut off, move your radar slightly to adjust and repeat these steps. Once these steps are completed, you should be able to move around and your map will automatically move with you.

-- Hotkeys|Buttons: To update your position on the map mark your position in the chat log again by pressing the correct ingame action key (P by default)

Note: You should have main chat logging enabled and be running the english language version for this to work. You must have "Position from Maximized Radar" checked in you File->Settings->Auto for the Automatic position tracking feature to work.

Troubleshoot: If nothing happens when you press P, open your chat.log and make sure the text is there and that it is in english:
2012-11-15 22:29:44 [Local] [] Your current position is: Calypso (77774, 76667, 163)
If the tool dosent automatically track you make sure your setting is enabled, the radar is visible and fully maximized, that you have enabled Verical Synchronization in game options, and that you are not playing in "Safe Mode".

3.2 Configure your mining tools

You should configure your finder parameters of range and drop cost so you can take full advantage of the tools mapping and run tracking features. To do this follow these 3 simple steps:

1) Press the wrench icon to bring up the tool details pane
2) Enter the range and decay for each drop type
3) Press the wrench again to hide the tool details pane

Setting these correctly will allow the map to display what area has been mined and for the tool to track your expenses. Remember to include the cost of the tool decay and the cost of the probes, also if you are using amplifiers dont forget to include those too. For enchaners see notes about additional costs for runs.

3.3 Mark your Drop Location

When you mine its a good idea to mark your drop location on the map. This will help you keep track of where you droped so you dont waste ped mining the same area twice or overlaping your drops too much.

-- Automatic: Keep your green mining interface visible and the tool will mark drops for you as they happen, be sure to have your position updated
-- Hotkeys: When you want to mark a drop press one of the hotkeys (default F11-ore, F12-enm, F9-tre) you can change these in settings and if you mine multiple types of resources at once you can assign 1 key to multiple drop types
-- Buttons: Press the buttons on the gui for each drop type you want to mark on the map.

Note: You must have "Detect Drops" checked in you File->Settings->Auto for the Automatic position tracking feature to work.

Troubleshoot: If the tool dosent automatically detect your drops make sure your setting is enabled, the green tool gui is fully visible, that you have enabled Verical Synchronization in game options, and that you are not playing in "Safe Mode".

3.4 Scanning a Claim Deed

The key feature of little big mining log is scanning and logging your claim deeds. You can then view your claim collection on your map and identify "good" places to mine. Here is how you log a claim into the program:

In all cases the claim deed must be fully visible, focused (click on it to focus notice the colors get brighter and background darker), and the claim deed object must be hidden not to interfere with the text visibility.
-- Automatic: Open the claim deed and let the tool do its work.
-- Hotkeys: Press the key you assigned to the "Scan Claim" action (PRTSCR by default)
-- Buttons: press the SCAN button on the gui

Once you successfuly scna the claim deed the main program window will list its details, LiBi will read them outloud to you, your map will be updated with a claim marker, the drop circle adjusting to the drop distance and changing color, the claim will also be connected to the drop with a line. If you hover your mouse over the claim marker you can see its details.

Important: The Claim Deed Window must be focused for the claim scanning to work. When you open the claim deed window it is focused. It loses focus if you click your mouse outside of it or if you switch from "cursor mode" to "mouse look mode" by pressing the spacebar in-game. To regain focus click on the claim deed window or move your mouse on top of it for temporary focus.

Note: The Claim deed window must be in focus and fully visible. The claim deed object must be hidden.
You must have "Detect and Scan Claims" checked in you File->Settings->Auto for the Automatic claim scanning feature to work.

Troubleshoot: You can always check your error folders to figure out what went wrong if you scanned automaitcally, in most cases it will be the focus issue however some bright backgrounds might cause problems for the scan algorithm especialy light sources, if you suspect that is the case try moving your claim deed to a different background for example on top of your inventory window. If the tool dosent automatically detect your claim make sure your setting is enabled and that you have enabled Verical Synchronization in game options, sometimes it might take up to a few seconds for the claim to scan.

4 Advanced Topics of operation

4.1 Dealing with Unknown

When you find an unknown and the claim does not dissapear after the first extraction you can re-open the claim deed or press the info icon to reload it. Scanning the deed again will update the unknown claim deed automatically and you will be awarded normal miner and ranking points. If the resource is depleted then you can manually edit the claim by rightclicking on it in the map window, in sucha a case however you will be awarded no points.

4.2 Mining Runs

Runs are collections of drops with associated costs and statisics. A run will be automatically started when you make your first drop, you can manualy start and stop a run in the runs window. Its reccomended to start and stop a run each time you do the same ingame judging by whatever you consider a mining run, after all this tool is for you.

4.3 Summoning a Claim

Take care when summoning a claim with automatic detection not to double scan the same claim in different locations. If you try to submit a summoned claim your backed system will detect it and award you with no points. Take care not to submit the same claim multiple times to prevent confusion on your mining map.

4.4 Undo a Drop

If you place a drop marker multiple times on the map by accident you can undo that by using he undo button or hotkey. In such a case the drops that are not matched to any claims will be removed starting from the most recent.

4.5 Deplete a Claim

If a claim marker is going even though the claim is already depleted you can manually deplete it by using the deplete button or hotkey. There is no range for this and you can deplete multiple timers starting with the closest timer first.

4.6 Importing and Exporting Data

You must create a coma separated file (CSV) you can use excel for that. You must label each column with the following exact names: (resource,x,y,size,depth,time,planet) you can use a different order but the names have to be the same. Afterwards use "File->Import->Import Claims From CSV" to locate your file and import the claims into LBML. If you want to remove them use the "Clear All Imported Claim Data" option from the same menu.

5 Tool windows description

Here we will discuss the tool windows in details.

5.1 Main Window

1) In the "File" menu you will find options for Importing/Exporting data see the appropriate chapter in the Advanced Topics section. The Setting option will open the settings window. Log Out will restart the program erasing your stored Login and Password from the configuration file. Exit will close the Program. In the "Help" menu you will find information about the program.

2) The horizontal buttons are used to operate the tool in Button mode:
ORE - marks a drop for ores
ENM - marks a drop for enmatters
TRE - marks a drop for treasures
DPL - depletes the closest claim timer
UND - undo the last no resource found drop
SCAN - scan the game window for claim deed

3) The vertical icons on the right hand side open the other windows:
Map window
Filters window
Tool settings pane
Runs window
Statistics Window

4) This is the main notification area where messages, deed details and potential errors will be shown.

5) The bottom status bar shows your collected + imported claim count and your last registered position.

5.2 Map

The Map window will display your claim data, your drop data, your position marker, claim timers and claim details. It also lists the mouse cursor position and zoom level in the top left corner text.

Claims: The small colored circles are your scanned claim markers, they are color coded based on the values in your config file. You can move your mouse on top of them to see the claim details. For unknown claims you can right-click on them to edit the values. If a number appear next to the claim deed it indicated the time left for the deed extraction it will turn yellow then red as the time is running out.

Drops: are marked with large colored circles , they are color coded based on the values in your config file. There are different colors for drops that result in no resource found and drops that are paired with a claim. When you successfuly scan a claim the tool will attempt to match it with the most recent drop marker within range. The drop will change its color and a connecting line will be added. The new drop size will indicate the effective scanned range with that drop to assist you with mining area coverage.

Player: The player marker consists of 3 rings each with the size equal to the appropriate tool radius setting from the Tools pane in the main window. This marker will always be located at your currently scanned position and will indicate where the drop markers will be placed.

To Operate the map you can left-click-drag to move and scroll-up-down for zoom.

5.3 Filters

The Filters window is used to control the behaviour and contents of the map. You can select what appears on the map with a set of filters and also how the map behaves.

1) The dropdown allows you to change which map is displayed and is used mostly for browsing your data. The small icon next to it allows you to show hide the map window.

2) The Types filter allows you to select which claim types should be displayed on the map.

3) The Size filter allows you to select which claim sizes should be displayed on the map

4) Other filters include:
Date filter allowing you to show only a time span of claims (left checkbox) and drops (right checkbox).
Depth filter aloowing you to show only a depth span of claims
Coordinate filter allowing to show only a section of your claims

There are also options to:
Show claim timers - the time countdown you have left untill the claim dissapears
Show only my claims - in case you have imported some claims this option will disable them
Animate zoom - determines if the map zoom is smooth or jumpy
Follow map when I press P - moves the map and centers on your avatar when you press P
Zoom map when I press P - zooms the map to a level defined in the configuration when you press P
Map always on top - sets the map window to always be on top of all other program windows

5) You can also filter out you drops based on last X hours or drop type or by specific run groups in the Run tab.

Filters selected for claims will affect the map display and also the Exported claims if you choose Export Visible option.

5.4 RunMenu

If you do not start a Run by yourself the program will do it for you automatically, naming it AutRun[date][time]. Runs are collections of your drops and allow you to keep track of the cost and hit ratios.

1) If the tool hasnt already you can type a custom run name and press start to initiate it

2) The current run area will display specific details of the run you are currently on, including drops and hit ratio as well as toatl cost. The cost is calculated based on your Tools configuration from tha main window tools pane.

3) When you decide to finish your run you can enter any additional costs you took like enchancers, ammo or decay, and press Stop.

4) In the List tab you will be presented with a list of all your Runs, and numbers for drops and hit ratio.

5) If you press the info button you will be presented with Run details where you can edit your aditional costs and run name.

5.5 Statistics

The statistics window helps you analyze your data. In the Depth tab you can see agregated depth data for your claims.

1) Select your resource type from the drop down box

2) The horizontal bar will show the color scale and range, the darker the color the more claims found at the given depth.

3) The main pain shows how many claims at a given depth on each day you have found.

4) The two rightmost vertical bars show depth data agregation from last 30 days and all time data. The numbers on the top indicate the ammount of claims in the darkest box.

5) The bottom axis are days (30 days ago to 1 day ago) the left axis is depth in 20 meter increments.

5.6 Settings

The settings window cna be oppend by selecting File->Settings in the programs main window.

1) In the general tab you will find:
Checkbox indicating if you want the tool to automatically update to new versions on startup. If it is unselected you will be asked if you want to update.
An option to Supress error messages in this tool session if you are bugged by some problem and this will disable the error popups while allowing you to still operate some of the tools working functionality
Settings for global screenshots. If you global/hof/ath/make a discovery,or get a new skill the tool will make a screenshot. For this to happen you must correctly configure your full avatar name. You can select the delay from when the chat message appears to when the screenshot is taken and the file format the image should be saved in (for jpg you can also select the compression level).

2) Key Binds allows you to configure which keys map to which tool actions. You can set the same key to multiple actions for example making a drop. To set a kotkey press the Set button then press the key on your keyboard.

3) On the Features tab you can set your full avatar name and decide if you would like our system to generate a signature for you. You can then use this signature on forums where it will display your current ranking and mining stats. You can use the BB code provided to paste on the forum that way the signature will link back to our website. In the sharing section you can select if you would like your data to feed the general statistics visible on our website for depth and claim distributions on the maps.

4) Voice tab allows you to select if you want LiBi talking to you or not.

5) Auto tab holds settings for our automated features. Detecting your position from the maximized radar, detecting drops from your detectonator interface and automatic scanning of claim deeds.

Note: Currently feeding data to entropia tracker functionality is suspended and the settings for this will not do anything.

5.7 Unknown

The unknown window appears when you right click on an unknown claim in the claim deed window. You can manualy edit the unknown claim by selecting its resource type and the claim size.

Note: When you manualy edit claims you do not receive any ranking on mining points.

6 Configuration File

The Configuration file is located in littlebigmininglog.exe.config
Some settings have a value of 0/1 which is equivalent to false/true. And is usualy reflected by a checkbox in the settings window 0=unchecked, 1=checked. Not all of these settings are available inside the tool so please browse the list and customize the Little Big Mining Log to your liking.

Disable Key Binding for Kotkeys
nokeybinds0Determines the sue of keybinding
Hot Keys
KeyBind_DropOreF11Keybind to place a marker for Ore
KeyBind_DropEnmF12Keybind to place a marker for Enmatter
KeyBind_DropTreF9Keybind to place a marker for Treasure
KeyBind_ReadClaimPrintScreenKeybind to scan a claim deed
KeyBind_UndoF10Keybind to undo a drop
KeyBind_DepleteScrollKeybind to deplete the closest claim
Username and Password
Login_UserNameYour saved login e-mail
Login_PasswordYour saved password
Login_AutoLog0Determines if to skip the login screen and use the above
Automatic Operation
Auto_Position1Use automatic position detection
Auto_Drops1Use automatic drop detection
Auto_Claims1Use automatic claim scaning
Window Position
Window_Position_MainString that remembers the main window position and size
Window_Position_MapString that remembers the map window position and size
Window_Position_FiltersString that remembers the filters window position and size
Window_Position_RunsString that remembers the runs window position and size
Window_Position_StatsString that remembers the statistics window position and size
Window_Position_SettingsString that remembers the settings window position and size
Update_Auto0Perform update without asking
Entropia Config File Path
Entropia_SettingsCePathPath to the settings file if cannot be found
Tool Settings
Player_OreRadius54Configuration for ore finder tool radius
Player_EnmRadius54Configuration for enmatter finder tool radius
Player_TreRadius54Configuration for treasure finder tool radius
Player_OreCost101.501Configuration for ore drop cost
Player_EnmCost51.501Configuration for enmatter drop cost
Player_TreCost151.501Configuration for treasure drop cost
Map Menu Settings
Map_UseDateFilterForClaims0Should claim date filter be used
Map_UseDateFilterForDrops0Should drop date filter be used
Map_UseDateFilterFrom2011/01/01Start date for date filter
Map_UseDateFilterTill2020/01/01End date for date filter
Map_UseDepthFilter0Should depth filter be used
Map_UseDepthFilterFrom0Start depth for depth filter
Map_UseDepthFilterTill10000End depth for depth filter
Map_UseCoordFilterForClaims0Should claim coordinate filter be used
Map_UseCoordFilterForDrops0Should drop coordinate filter be used
Map_UseCoordFilterX1Start X coordinate for coordinate filter
Map_UseCoordFilterX2End X coordinate for coordinate filter
Map_UseCoordFilterY1Start Y coordinate for coordinate filter
Map_UseCoordFilterY2End Y coordinate for coordinate filter
Map_ShowOnlyMyClaims0Should imported claims be hidden
Map_FollowOnP1Should the map center on player when pressing P
Map_ZoomOnP1Should the map zoom when pressing P
Map_ZoomOnPLevel15Default zoom level
Map_ZoomAnimation1Should the zoom sequence be smooth
Map_AlwaysOnTop0Should the map window be always on top
Map_ZoomSpeed0.8Speed of the zoom animation
Map_ShowClaimTimers1Should claim timers be shown on the map
Voice_Enable1Should LiBi talk to you
Drops Filters
Drops_UseLastXHours0Should only recent drops be shown
Drops_LastXHoursValue24Number of hours to show drops from
Drops_ShowOre1Show Ore Drops on map
Drops_ShowEnm1Show Enamtter Drops on map
Drops_ShowTre1Show Treasure Drops on map
Image_ErrorFolderErrors\Save location for error files and images
Image_SuccessFolderScreenshots\Save location for claim screenshots
Image_JpegQuality80Quality of claim screenshot
Screenshot_Enable1Should global/hof/ath/discovery/skill screenshots be taken
Screenshot_AutoDelay500The delay for the global screenhots
Screenshot_IsPng0Should the global screenshot be saved in png format
Screenshot_JpegQuality80If not png what qualit should the jpeg be
Map Files
Calypso_FileMaps\calypso_map.bmpPath to Calypso map file
NextIsland_FileMaps\nextisland_map.bmpPath to Next Island map file
Asteroid_FileMaps\asteroid_map.bmpPath to Asteroid map file
Rocktropia_FileMaps\rocktropia_map.bmpPath to Rocktropia map file
Hell_FileMaps\hell_map.bmpPath to Hell map file
Arkadia_FileMaps\arkadia_map.bmpPath to Arkadia map file
Cyrene_FileMaps\cyrene_map.bmpPath to Cyrene map file
Map File Offsets
Calypso_LeftOffset16384Game Map left coordinate
Calypso_BottomOffset24576Game Map bottom coordinate
Asteroid_LeftOffset65536Game Map left coordinate
Asteroid_BottomOffset65536Game Map bottom coordinate
Rocktropia_LeftOffset122880Game Map left coordinate
Rocktropia_BottomOffset81920Game Map bottom coordinate
NextIsland_LeftOffset122880Game Map left coordinate
NextIsland_BottomOffset81920Game Map bottom coordinate
Hell_LeftOffset32768Game Map left coordinate
Hell_BottomOffset16384Game Map bottom coordinate
Arkadia_LeftOffset8192Game Map left coordinate
Arkadia_BottomOffset8192Game Map bottom coordinate
Cyrene_LeftOffset122880Game Map left coordinate
Cyrene_BottomOffset73728Game Map bottom coordinate
Colors for Player
PlayerColor_Ore1ForestGreenPlayer circle ore color 1
PlayerColor_Ore2LimePlayer circle ore color 2
PlayerColor_Enm1CyanPlayer circle enmatter color 1
PlayerColor_Enm2DodgerBluePlayer circle enmatter color 2
PlayerColor_Tre1PinkPlayer circle treasure color 1
PlayerColor_Tre2HotPinkPlayer circle treasure color 2
Colors for Drops
DropColor_Ore1ForestGreenDrop color ore no resource found
DropColor_Ore2LimeDrop color ore resource found
DropColor_Enm1DodgerBlueDrop color enmatter no resource found
DropColor_Enm2CyanDrop color enmatter resource found
DropColor_Tre1PinkDrop color treasure no resource found
DropColor_Tre2HotPinkDrop color treasure resource found
Colors for Claims
Color_1210, 210, 0Adomasite Stone
Color_2PaleGreenAlferix Stone
Color_3FirebrickAzzurdite Stone
Color_4PaleGreenBelkar Stone
Color_5SlateBlueBlausariam Stone
Color_6DarkOliveGreenCaldorite Stone
Color_7LightSteelBlueCobalt Stone
Color_8SandyBrownCopper Stone
Color_9OliveCumbriz Stone
Color_10PowderBlueDianum Ore
Color_11BeigeDurulium Stone
Color_12MediumAquamarineErdorium Stone
Color_13RosyBrownErionite Stone
Color_14WhiteSmokeFrigulite Stone
Color_15LightSalmonGanganite Stone
Color_16GoldenrodGazzurdite Stone
Color_17YellowGold Stone
Color_18OliveDrabHansidian Rock
Color_19DarkKhakiHimi Rock
Color_20PaleTurquoiseIgnisium Stone
Color_21KhakiIolite Stone
Color_22DarkGrayIron Stone
Color_23LightCyanKanerium Ore
Color_24LightSkyBlueKirtz Stone
Color_25CyanLangotz Ore
Color_26IndianRedLanorium Stone
Color_27WhiteLysterium Stone
Color_28LightCoralMaganite Ore
Color_29CornflowerBlueMegan Stone
Color_30MediumSeaGreenMorpheus Stone
Color_31YellowGreenNarcanisum Stone
Color_32RedNiksarium Stone
Color_33DarkVioletPetonium Stone
Color_34AliceBluePlatinum Stone
Color_35PaleGoldenrodPyrite Stone
Color_36255, 255, 192Quantium Stone
Color_37CrimsonRedulite Ore
Color_38MediumAquamarineRugaritz Ore
Color_39ChocolateTerrudite Stone
Color_40DarkSlateGrayTridenite Ore
Color_41DarkOrangeValurite Stone
Color_42250, 250, 90Vesperdite Ore
Color_43255, 128, 128Xeremite Ore
Color_44LimeZanderium Ore
Color_45SkyBlueZinc Stone
Color_46GreenYellowAcid Root
Color_47PeruAlicenies Liquid
Color_48LightGrayAngel Scales
Color_49MediumPurpleAngelic Grit
Color_50BlueVioletAres Head
Color_51DeepSkyBlueAzur Pearls
Color_52ForestGreenBinary Fluid
Color_53210, 255, 140Blood Moss
Color_54170, 25, 55Cave Sap
Color_5580, 190, 80Crude Oil
Color_56MistyRoseDevil's Tail
Color_57HotPinkDianthus Liquid
Color_58255, 225, 0Dunkel Particle
Color_590, 150, 170Energized Crystal
Color_60PaleVioletRedFerrum Nuts
Color_61255, 100, 50Fire Root Globule
Color_62VioletForce Nexus
Color_63OrangeRedGarcen Grease
Color_64SteelBlueGrowth Molecules
Color_65PapayaWhipHenren Stems
Color_66MediumOrchidLumis Leach
Color_67DodgerBlueLytairian Dust
Color_68SpringGreenMagerian Mist
Color_69RoyalBlueMelchi Water
Color_70CrimsonSolis Beans
Color_72SeaGreenTyponolic Steam
Color_73PlumVegatation Spores
Rocktropia Specific
Color_74SilverAlternative Rock
Color_75LightSkyBlueBlues Rock
Color_76DarkSeaGreenFolk Rock
Color_77LavenderGlam Rock
Color_78LimeGreenGrunge Rock
Color_79DarkGrayHard Rock
Color_80ThistleJazz Rock
Color_81MediumSeaGreenPunk Rock
Color_82LightYellowReggea Rock
Color_83WhiteSmokeTechno Rock
Color_84DarkOrchidHurricane Cocktail Mix
Color_85DarkOrangeMai Tai Cocktail Mix
Color_86DodgerBlueMojito Cocktail Mix
Color_87LimeGreenNirvana Cocktail Mix
Color_88YellowGreenPina Colada Cocktail Mix
Color_89RosyBrownBlack Russian Cocktail Mix
Color_90BurlyWoodHarvey Wallbanger Cocktail Mix
Color_91CornflowerBlueKamikaze Cocktail Mix
Color_92OliveDrabLong Island Ice Tea Cocktail Mix
Color_93MediumPurpleWhiskey Sour Cocktail Mix
Arkadia Specific
Color_94#aaaa55Banite Stones
Color_95#ca853bHebredite Stones
Color_96#1b65b7Kaz Stones
Color_97#f1c119Lidacon Stones
Color_98#dff119Ospra Stones
Color_99#669b55Telfium Stones
Color_100#ffb922Veda Stones
Color_101#685e48Wenrex Stones
Color_102#4bdda8Yulerium Stones
Color_103#ffd789Zulax Stones
Color_104#75c6c5Edres Resin
Color_105#477bb0Florican Mist
Color_106#bd9237Hydrogen Steam
Color_107#67c7cdPel Crystals
Color_108#624addQuil Sap
Color_109#974b64Somin Tar
Color_110#a6011cStar Particles
Color_111#aad1b8Vorn Pellets
Color_112#993b3bXelo Haze
Color_113#5c5fd0Zolphic Oil
And some more newly added (will sort these out later)
Color_114 Dark Lysterium
Color_115 Iridium Ore
Color_117 Sothorite Ore
Color_118 Zorn Star Ore
Color_119 Blue Crystal
Color_120 Clear Crystal
Color_121 Green Crystal
Color_122 Purple Crystal
Color_123 Red Molten Crystal
Color_124 Yellow Crystal
Color_125 Aakas Alloy Aa
Color_126 Aarkan Pellets
Color_127 ChemSet
Color_128 Khorudoul Extrusion
Color_129 Khorum Alloy
Color_130 Part Of Brass Alloy
Color_131 Part Of Bronze Alloy
Color_132 Part Of Flint Arrow Head
Color_133 Part Of Flint Axe Head
Color_134 Part Of Fly Amber
Color_135 Part Of Fossil Ammonite
Color_136 Part Of Fossil Tooth
Color_137 Part Of Mosquito Amber
Color_138 Songkra Alloy
Color_139 Songtil Agent
Color_140 Vedacore Fibre
Color_116 Praetonium
Color_141 Tananite Ore
Color_142 Kaisenite Stone
Color_143 Arekite Stone
Color_144 Cordul Stone
Color_145 Frakite Stone
Color_146 Bodai Dust
Color_147 Gorbek Emulsion
Color_148 Lotium Fluid
Color_149 Alkar Crystals
Color_150 Diagen Firedrops
Color_151 Hexra Gems
Color_152 Pirrel Pallets
Color_153 Quenta Flux
Color_154 Regula Lode
Color_155 Starrix Nodes
Color_156 Cyrenium Ore
Color_157 Nosifer Stone
Color_158 Olerin Stone
Color_159 Wiles Stone
Color_160 Ycyan Ore
Color_161 Hazy Crystal
Color_162 Orange Crystal
Color_163 Rainbow Crystal
Color_164 Maladrite Stone
Color_165 Zoldenite Dust
Color_166 Aqeeq Stone
Color_167 Fairuz Stone
Color_168 Lulu
Color_169 Qasdeer Stone
Color_170 Zircon Stone
Color_171 Ghali
Color_172 Mamnoon
Color_173 Nawa Drops
Color_174 Sham

7 Final notes

7.1 A word on keyboard hooking

The program utilizes a technique called keyboard hooking. It is used to capture the keys pressed on the keyboard, that are sent to the operating system, even if the application does not have focus. This technique enables the cool feature of binding action keys, and carrying out operations (marking drops, undoing drops and also performing the Image Recognition) without leaving the game window and the game action.

Care should be taken by any user allowing an application access to keyboard hooking, there are plenty potentially harmful programs that will capture your keyboard input to log the keys pressed recording passwords and other sensitive information. Our application does not store your pressed key, it only acts when it discovered a key was pressed that was previously assigned to an action in the settings menu.

If you do not wish for the program to establish a hook with your keyboard you can disable key bindings on startup by setting the nokeybinds option to 1 in the littlebigmininglog.exe.config file.

If you wish to have key binds but are concerned about the security of this solution, We recommend running the tool after you log in to Entropia Universe, and shutting it down after you end your game session or for the time periods where your sensitive information is exposed by, you typing it on your keyboard.