1. Claim Miner Points
LBML registration e-mail (to claim miner points)
You will be awarded 10,000 miner points per 1 USD

2. Vote
You can also vote on what user requested feature we should implement next. The folowing current todo list is displayed in development order meaning this is the order in which we will work on these features. You can select which feature you would like implemented first and your donation can speed up the development process or change our todo list order (highest donated features will be developed first). You can also submit new feature requests you would like to see on the list.

Note: this is a list of user requested features we also keep a seperate list of planned milestones.

Add the ability to specify which finder is being used in mining runs. I\'d love to be able to see detailed information about the max/min depth that each finder can hit claims. There was a thread made on the forum but it died. http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?102363-Mining-Depths-Data-Ores-Enmatters-Finders
custom checkmarks on map - drawable map
User Mining Statistics Graphs, stats for ore and en matter percentage found, all time stats for hit rate etc.
Custom tags on map allowing to place any text label on the map.
I would like to be able to have drop radius go away or turn off after 24 hours leaving a cross hair at the drop point. I like seeing all the claims and I like knowing where I have dropped in the past, but the old drop radius make it hard to see the live radius as I position a new drop. I like the radius for my current run for spacing so I don\'t want to turn them off while I\'m on a run Just have the radius from previous runs change to cross hairs.
Add grid to the maps, 500m x 500m or 5x5 drop seems to be the best
Showing the amount of actual PED you dig up and have that subtract from the run
Draw skill gains on the map in a separate layer which can be turned on and off. These should be tied to the run and filtered out accordingly.
Upgrade the user signatures with achievement system showing different icons representing user actions and devotion (ranking standing most claims in 30 days) and completion of challenges (mine on all planets, or mine below 1500m).
I would like the ability to mark trees
Implement a shortest path to collect algorithm displaying the shortest path to take to collect all your claims.
Localize the client so it can work with all game client languages.
Upgrade the website with detailed user ranking showing more information about user activity.
New Feature request described below (will be verified before appearing on the list)

How much money do we receive from your donation?

example 1
Donate 1 USD 1 USD
Paypal fixed fee -0.30 USD
Paypal percent fee -4.9%
After paypal fees0.65 USD
Income tax-19%
We receive0.52 USD

example 2
Donate 5 USD 5 USD
Paypal fixed fee -0.30 USD
Paypal percent fee -4.9%
After paypal fees4.45 USD
Income tax-19%
We receive3.60 USD

example 3
Donate 10 USD 10 USD
Paypal fixed fee -0.30 USD
Paypal percent fee -4.9%
After paypal fees9.21 USD
Income tax-19%
We receive7.46 USD

example 4
Donate 25 USD 25 USD
Paypal fixed fee -0.30 USD
Paypal percent fee -4.9%
After paypal fees23.49 USD
Income tax-19%
We receive19.02 USD
3. Donate
You can also make a donation in PED to do that please contact support@mininglog.com