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Things to make LBML better

Things to make LBML better
August 24, 2012 12:52AM
Here's a list of some things I think would make LBML better.

1) Higher resolution maps. I took a high res. map of Arkadia and trimmed it down to fit into the right pixels, then put it into the LBML folder. Now I use that as my arkadia map, and it looks much nicer.

2) Along the same lines, remove the artistic "frayed edges" from the maps... it's impossible to see where the coastline is, at least for the Arkadia map.

3) Make the circles more visible on various backgrounds. For example, in the Arctic region on Arkadia it can be difficult to see where the circle is because everything is so light colored. Because the PP's can make their maps any color they want, I think the best solution would be to allow the user to pick custom colors for: position circle, enmat drop, ore drop, treasure drop.

4) Tell new users to hide the claim deed pic in the info window, and to enable chat logging. I try to get all my miner disciples to use LBML since it's such a great tool, and I have to walk them thru this every time.

5) Make a way to (easily) manually add an ore and location to the map without having to do a screenshot. For instance, if I dig up the claim and forget to open the info window to take a screenshot, or to quickly enter info, like if a friend says "hey, there's devil's tail at 12345,12345".

More to come as I think of it....

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Re: Things to make LBML better
August 24, 2012 04:41AM
Thanks for a great list of suggestions

1) The map Onciest used to generate his artistic version was highest resolution possible taken from in-game map by screenshots and pasting that together. Its possible its the old Arkadia Map that is used in the v9.2 still, I plan to release separate "Map Packs" that will include different styles of maps. We will of course update the current Maps in due time.

2) If you do not like the maps you can substitute the image for a personal one .. the size and name must match the original.

3) Because its hard to make everything perfect we did the best we could mapping default colors to ores and en-matter, its hard to predict where they appear and since some maps are bright and some are dark its hard to make a perfect match for all scenarios. The User can custom pick colors for claims and drop markers already by editing the config file. It is described here: http://www.mininglog.com/faq.php

4) Both of these directions are either highlighted or in cursive in our Introduction Tutorial found at http://www.mininglog.com/intro.php. I am planning to re-write it and make it more easy to read, not sure when but for sure it will be done before the tool leaves BETA.

5) You can do that by importing claims from a CSV file. The procedure is briefly described in our FAQ at http://www.mininglog.com/faq.php. Note the imported locations are not stored in the global DB and you should keep a backup of these yourself.

Best Regards
Ido Sunrider