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DDS Files

DDS Files
October 20, 2012 04:16AM

I was wondering what are you using to modify the DDS files in the maps folder.
The reason i am asking is because MA modified the format of the claim deed: the height of the find, on the POSITION line, next to the planet, longitude and latitude is lower on the line - as seen in the pictures.
open | download - Old - 848_19_10_12.png (2.69 MB)
open | download - New - 848_21_15_46.png (2.54 MB)
Re: DDS Files
October 22, 2012 03:53PM
Paint.NET can open DDS files.
I've tried it already, but have no clue, what files and what to change to make LBML work =\

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Re: DDS Files
October 25, 2012 08:09AM
The DDS files contain the graphics for the claim markers player marker etc .. changing those will not solve the issue.. but you can mod the way your LBML presents the data ;D

MA changes the way the text of the claim deed is laid out so i need to modify program image interpreting logic to solve the issue..

Actually i solve that already but to make a release i still need to close some outstanding issues with client server synchronization because i changed a hell lot of thing in the LBML : )

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Ido Sunrider