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Key binding not working

Posted by Alex BGG Leech 
Key binding not working
September 07, 2012 06:55PM
Hi Guys,
Just started to use the program and its absolutely fantastic smiling smiley
I have one issue that i cant really solve thou. My key binding is not working. This mean that i have to click on the program buttons by exiting the game window instead of just pressing F11 and F12. I tried to change the buttons but it is still not working.
Also... after i start the program it gives me the following message:
"Cannot find settings-ce.cfg please contact support, for best OCR results please make sure your Gamma Brightness and contrast settings are at defalt"
Im not sure if it is related to the key binding issue.
Re: Key binding not working
September 09, 2012 04:14PM

Maybe there is some other app that is registering for key binds breaking the functionality for LBML.

Can you see if they work when you are not running any other software?

for the config file missing you can specify a path to it in the configuration file. Search your drive for the file and then manually add the path in the config file and it should stop giving you the warning.

Best Regards
Ido Sunrider