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New 2024 Interface LBML not tracking movement

New 2024 Interface LBML not tracking movement
March 30, 2024 12:28PM
Hello, I have the new version and now it does not track my movement. everything else seems to work. Are you working on a fix or am I maybe doing something wrong? When you resize the radar it never starts tracking your movement. Thanks,Todd. I was trying to see why it is not working and now I am getting this error. Monitor Main Chat-Parse Main Chat Line. Got rid of that error. Seems that Winrar likes to mess with LBML. It says what you find and when you are done extracting, but when you open the deed he don't say anything. That is sad I liked that. I uninstalled Winrar for now because I knew it was messing with me,lol.

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Re: New 2024 Interface LBML not tracking movement
April 11, 2024 11:28AM
Right now auto-tracking isn't supported, you just have to hit your position key manually like before auto tracking was around. There is a fix planned though, but due to the UI change, it probably won't be quite as reliable.

Not sure on what the WinRar issue would be, but most people just use 7-zip instead.
Re: New 2024 Interface LBML not tracking movement
May 03, 2024 01:19AM
Thanks for replying. I use winrar for editing my snowrunner games files. Must be something in settings where it likes to open everything after you download something. Somehow I couldn't get 7zip to work with snowrunner so I paid for winrar. I used windows unzipper to open the files again for the lbml. I got lbml to work again but yes you still have to keep hitting the position key. I used to use 7zip all the time but uninstalled it after this happened. LBML is a great program, but Entropia needs more than just an interface update imo, such as new management etc, for such an old game. But that is another topic entirely lol.