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Wrong Graphics Settings

Wrong Graphics Settings
April 09, 2023 01:57AM
I followed the instructions in the guide for setting up LBML on Windows 10, as I am using Windows 10. When I try to run LGML I get this error that says some settings are incorrect. The problem is my in-game settings are default, and when I checked the settings-ce.cfg file mentioned in the error, those settings do not exist, I tried adding them to the file, but LBML still gives the error and will not do anything else.

I have attached a screenshot of the error.
Edit: I feel I should also mention that I downloaded and am using the latest version, I get the error the instant I run the LittleBigMiningLog.exe. If there are any updates that fix this problem I am unable to get them, because the program does not get to the updating part, it just errors instantly and closes.
Edit2: Sorry, problem solved. Turns out Gamma did exist in the config file, I just didn't see it the first time, that said, the error does say to set the brightness, contrast, and gamma to default in the game options, but contrast doesn't exist in the in-game options and the default setting for gamma seems to be 1.0, not the 0.975 that the error suggests.

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