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Error: filelist.dat missing

Error: filelist.dat missing
January 28, 2020 09:36AM
Downloaded it 3 times hoping it would solve the issue. upon opening, it gives an error that it is missing filelist.dat and to be sure I have downloaded the full program. Is there a place where I download a partial program, and Im there by accident?
Re: Error: filelist.dat missing
January 30, 2020 03:29AM
I had this issue once, but can't recall exactly how I fixed it. I assume when you look in your LBML folder, you cannot locate the file with that name either? Just to be sure, when I click this link and extract the folder, that filelist.dat file does exist in the folder. You still don't see it even specifically using that link, or does it exist and you get the error anyways?

One option that did work for missing files before was to download a previous version and just copy the file over to the newest version.