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Not capturing radar - black screen

Posted by Madbg 
Not capturing radar - black screen
December 04, 2019 02:13PM
Hi guys,

After that last update yesterday, I mine on 2 pc's one at home and one at work. At home there was no problem, but at work the LBML cant capture my position. Go to setting - auto - capture sample of radar - click and didnt capture that in game visualisation, just black black space. So i cant get my position in game. I dont know what is the problem at home it is ( win10, desktopwith Nvidia VGA - working, at work (win10 laptop with Radean VGA -not working may be radeon is the problem i dont know. Downloaded the newes version on LBML samo, reinstall directx same. Get the newest drivers on Radeon.

Please help what can be.

Re: Not capturing radar - black screen
February 15, 2020 10:15PM
I have the same issue, sent an e-mail to support@mininglog.com, waiting for the response. Does anyone know anything for how to resolve this problem?