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Long overdue success story

Long overdue success story
September 21, 2014 10:16AM
Hi Ido,
I was playing EU just over a year ago and found your program, but never could get it all to work. I admit I didn't read all the troubleshooting list looking for ideas, so it was a large part my fault. Since then I have reloaded Win 7, EU, and LBML, so I had a lot of settings to redo. No matter what I tried I could only get Pos to work... no rader scan, no deed scan, no finder scan.

Finally I started to read all the posts from the back to the front. It became clear that the scan failure was black screen images, but I couldn't see any cause, I had done all the settings, then I hit the post about two screen systems. I have two screens, different sizes, but my gpu only drives one, so I had the other connected to the MB gpu. The OS worked with them fine as long as I had the MB screen be first, but clearly the LBML can't handle two screens except in very particular situations. That was the gist of the post I found.

I reconfigured BIOS to be one screen only, started things up and deeds are working fine. With some meticulous adjusting I got the radar position scan to work also, it has never worked for me before. My old problem with the Tessa program having to be restarted constantly as long as a deed is open was back, but I saw the box to stop asking permission to restart this program and that is no longer an issue either.

At this point my only complaint is that when I am flying with the LBML map open on a resolution that lets my see a large area, when I hit P it updates my position but sets the scale back to 15 from what I had. I admit this does not happen while radar positioning is being used, but it can still be annoying at times. All in all I am happy to get a working program to use as it was intended. Thanks for your efforts.
Re: Long overdue success story
September 21, 2014 04:34PM
Hi : )

Thank you for sharing your story, I'm sure others might find it useful and I'm happy to know this issue exists. I had no idea before and i will be suggesting this as a solution to the black screenshot problem.

P is meant to reset your camera position to you start the auto follow again and zoom to a default value ( you can set this default value in the config file if the one i propose is not good for you also you can disable it)

<add key="Map_ZoomOnP" value="1" /> -enable or disable zooming when you press P
<add key="Map_ZoomOnPLevel" value="15" /> -set the default zoom level
<add key="Map_ZoomAnimation" value="1" /> -select if you want to zoom to be smooth or to jump instantly (also when you use the scroll wheel.

Hope this helps

Re: Long overdue success story
September 21, 2014 11:56PM
Inoticed radar positioning doesn't center the map, it will eventually move the circle off the edge, so is there a setting for that too?
Re: Long overdue success story
September 22, 2014 03:38AM
<add key="Map_FollowOnP" value="1" />

this will cause the radar position reading to move the map following your player after you press P.. if you move the map with the mouse it will stop auto following


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Re: Long overdue success story
September 24, 2014 09:14PM
Thanks for the answer, but I went into config to add the line and it was already set, but clearly not working.
Re: Long overdue success story
September 24, 2014 09:38PM
when you press P does it center ? then if you don't move the map does it follow the circle?

Re: Long overdue success story
September 25, 2014 08:35PM
Sorry, pretty sure it wasn't working that one time, but it is now. May have just needed a restart. Thanks again.
Re: Long overdue success story
October 28, 2014 03:30AM
Another thing to keep in mind when using multiple displays, which I am doing myself.
You can use them either cloned or extended that is ok but BOTH must be set to the same resolution or LBML won't work properly. I ran into this problem initially when setting it up and ultimately by fiddling around figured out this is what you need to make it work in multi screen mode. I have my EU on one screen and the map on the other makes it a lot easier to use.

TBH the maps in LBML are sooo much better than EU's maps and stuff that I often run the LBML when hunting or exploring as well to get a better layout of the terrain when plotting where to go next. If you happen to die you can manually drop a treasure ring and get right back to the location and remove it later if needed. Using the location function in EU does not always work as it often deletes your waypoint as you being there then you have to sift back thru text to find it again.