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LBML Crashes about 1minutes after start

Posted by Nobotsu 
LBML Crashes about 1minutes after start
May 18, 2021 08:51PM

LBML crashes about 20-60seconds after start it. I have win64 bit system. I installed latest version of LBML and all needed softwares.
LBML only disappear and no error, nothing.
I started LBML as Admin but it didn´t help.

What could cause that kind of crash. Do I need to check or change something?
Re: LBML Crashes about 1minutes after start
May 20, 2021 10:49AM
I'm guessing you also made the Discord post, but just so folks here can see, Ido posted this:

"Some people reported sync programs like One Drive would lock the chat log or such and cause LBML to crash" and " I want to confirm that the problem of closing the program was solved by moving the Documents\Entropia Universe\chat.log folder from OneDrive to another drive."

I had something similar happen when my antivirus (Avast) somehow locked the Entropia folder from accepting files from the screenshot calibration process. Sometimes there can be issues with files not writing on some computers if you don't have a typical hard drive setup.