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Two things I can't get around with

Two things I can't get around with
October 18, 2015 05:40AM
I apologize in advance if my questions are very n00bish. Though I did put in quite some days trying to figure them out before asking. That and also using the "Search" function on that forum.

I'm a very new EU player, though as I love mining/crafting more than the rest an MMO can offer, I went straight towards it in here. It's costy and demanding for what I've seen so far. Hence why I thought this tool would help me out a lot.

Now, my two questions:

- How can I "reset" or "clear" my map from all the past surveys I've done, should I want to run back the same area I did in the past without overlapping myself through that new run?

I sadly haven't found anything about it reading through the guide many times, nor using the Search on here. Again, my apologies if I missed something obvious.


- I can't manage to have the "Scan" thing to work. If I read the guide correctly, I have to have the scanning device still in hands (the tool that has a green coloured window up when I hold it), have the claim selected as my target and in full view. Then, I should either press Prt Scr or I guessed the Scan button in the LBML window, though eitherway I try, I hear the lady computer voice tell me that she's unable to bla bla bla....

I certainly am missing something here. Though despite trying many things, many ways, I couldn't find how to make it work. Not that this particular thing would solve all my miner career that much right now for I truly am just starting the game. Though it would certainly make things more transparent for the future, or so I believe.

Many thanks to anyone that cares reading through my call for help and even more so to anyone that can bring light to my issues!

Kindly yours,
Kahila Sundimmer
Re: Two things I can't get around with
October 18, 2015 09:36AM
Hi and welcome to the mining log : )

To hide previous runs and claims you can use the filter window
see subsection 5 for the runs filter.. i like using last X hours for masking out drops : )

Check this out for scaning claim:
The key here is for the program to be able to see the "Claim Deed" so the information window about your claim that shows its size position etc. seen as the image here

hope this helps you

Re: Two things I can't get around with
October 18, 2015 11:38AM
Thank you very much for that quick and useful response!

I now just have to find out how to bring that Claim Deed window up. I did search around some and couldn't find a way. Though I'm just now thinking that perhaps I can right-click the Deed itself to get the option up? I shall try this tomorrow. Thanks a lot!
Re: Two things I can't get around with
October 18, 2015 11:48AM
its the same as getting info for any other item .. when you find a claim you get a "Claim Deed" item in your inventory winking smiley