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For the New Miner

For the New Miner
June 04, 2015 02:33AM
I have read most of the Mining Guides I can find and watched many Videos... unfortunately I have not found anything which is really geared towards someone who is just starting out. Any suggestions would be welcome. Perhaps even guidance on some relatively reliable places to find low end resources like Crude Oil and Lyst Stone. I have been able to find Oil fairly often along the beach south of Corinth, but it is always Minimal (I) giving 12-15 units. Better than nothing, but...

Even little tips would be great... like is it better to mine in flat areas? depressions? On slopes? Ridges? etc... Does it not matter at all?

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Re: For the New Miner
June 08, 2015 05:35AM
Wow... Nothing? Brutal... Any of you more experienced folks willing to give ANY tips to a new Miner? Or is there a decent FAQ out there I have missed? Thanks in Advance...
Re: For the New Miner
June 08, 2015 02:40PM
I'm not that experienced so i can t give you any good advice. There are areas that carry only oil and lyst you can easily identify them using the website map.

Re: For the New Miner
June 16, 2015 06:21PM
Have you considered getting a mentor ingame? They could show / tell you stuff like this, and many other things you would need to know also.

Here's a hint, terrain does not matter but you cant mine in water (generally)


Re: For the New Miner
June 27, 2015 03:57AM
Since I expect that you'll just be using the finder from the Trade Terminal, size I and II claims is all you can expect to find. On the plus side though, your costs are lower as well and the purpose of that finder is to allow you to skill up at a relatively low cost.
Re: For the New Miner
July 18, 2015 01:51AM
I've been playing since January this year and when I read this post I decided to do an experiment, normally I use a Finder F105 which generally picks up level III to Level V with the occasional level IX or X but I went to the TT and bought the basic finder for 0.1 ped went out and did a run for ore and enmatter.
The basic finder lasted only long enough to use 61 probes and gave the following result

61 probes 20 combi drops + 1 enmatter
13 finds minmal or tiny hit ratio 22.45%

cost 3.18 ped
finds equal 2.78 ped

then in the same area I did another 20 runs with the F105

600 probes 20 combi drops
8 finds hit ratio 20.93%
cost 31.24 ped
finds equal 18.33 ped

I probably should have done the second run in a different area but I wanted to do it over the top of the other run just to see if there were deeper finds in the same spots which there were.

Hope that is useful

Re: For the New Miner
July 19, 2015 01:48AM
Thanks for the info : ) you can pick up the Arkadian TT finder it is repairable ; ) easier to manage for testing runs.

Re: For the New Miner
October 18, 2015 01:46PM
After reading about you testing the TT tool against the better/costier ones, I thought I'd try it for myself. I'm a really new player though I love mining/crafting in any games, more than hunting and definitely more than PvPing. I mostly mentioned this since due to my lack of knowledge/understanding of this game, I went and bought a mining survey tool that could be repaired on my first day playing. Only quickly realizing it'd cost me 20/10 probes each tries. T_T

I stowed it in my storage..

Though tonight, I decided to spare 25 PEDs worth of probes and do a mining run around a place I ran last night with my TT survey tools. The LBML says I spent 29PEDs through my 28 surveys for Ore (one of them I had the Enm checked in, my bad). I can't tell you my "hit" ratio though since I can't get the "Scan" function to work somehow, though it must have been around 30%. I feel It's been a good run. Anyways, I've gathered 28.26 PED worth of Lysterium. I now feel that despite the steep investment to go out and mine using 10+ probes a search, it might be more profitable in the end. If not profitable, at least, closer to even out.

I've only started playing the game this Tuesday or Wednesday and mining using the TT survey tool, while seemingly not so costy, kept on draining down my funds in the end. I've had to depo in about 10$ a day to keep me going. Though I must say, my sole activity haven't been mining. Still, it has been my main source of funds invested.
Re: For the New Miner
October 18, 2015 09:59PM
well I'm up to level 11 miner now and I usually buy 400ped worth of probes and do either 100ped runs or 200 ped runs, generally averaging between minus 20 ped and + 20 ped.

I seem to be earning more than losing and have had a few HOFs now. I'm about 200 ped in front at the moment but have been as much as 400 ped ahead.

Just to give some idea of the scale of ped used
Re: For the New Miner
June 04, 2019 10:16PM
Just come back and wanted to chip in a bit. I try to play very eco and save all I can,$10 should be able to last you a couple of weeks, at times up to a month. My three favorite areas are around the perimeter of the oil field, there is a lot of variety and quite a bit of oil. watch out for mobs and pvp. Then a wedge north of port atlantis heading up to the outpost. It has a lot of variety though hofs are rare.
The third is due east of Treasure Island riverside, south continent along the northeast coast roughly 2k away. There are no mobs to mention but lots of oil and lysterium. I even got a good hof over there once. The sites are high on a mesa. and run down the back slope

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