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March 07, 2015 11:51PM
I am wondering is it better to overlap drops to get total coverage or not and leave all those little triangles between the circles un-searched?

What's the general opinion?

Oh and I started using this tool this week and it has transformed my mining, thanks very much
Re: overlap
March 10, 2015 04:41PM
I think it depends on what theory you personally believe in ..
There has not been any conclusive study as to how the mining process works so its hard to say which is better for what situation ..

Re: overlap
May 19, 2015 05:38AM
Some say that overlap wastes ped as you are re looking at something you just looked at.
Others say that a bit is needed so that you don't miss a thing by getting those little corners.

Id have to say it depends really. The choice is situational. If you are following a vein and you can pretty much 'see' it's pattern, then the logic says there generally is no need to waste 'area' by overlapping. If you are in a dense field now, then yes overlap may be very well necessary so you don't miss something clustered in that area.

I have dropped a bomb, found something 40M out a IV claim. Hit the wrong button dropped standing in the exact same area not 30 seconds later and hit a VI claim closer in. Did I just happen to hit the timing perfect and caught it just as the server repopulated? Is there yet another aspect of mining that we don't quite understand? Or did I just get really lucky? Many people claim to be the 'experts' on exactly 'how' it works but unless it came directly from the mouths of MA, it's still only theory. I have double dropped on purpose at times looking for double claims. More often than not, I didn't get them.

HOW does the propogation work exactly? It is assumed that once a claim is discovered, the radius stops going out. That may only be part of the way it works. Does it like stick a needle all the way down to whatever depth you got to, and send a signal out in one 'sweep' towards the outer boundries, OR does it slice through it. In other words, first 'wave' goes down 50 M, spans out, if it hits it reports, if not, next wave goes from 51 to 100 M does same thing, all the way to the bottom. Or.. Im thinking the magnetic signature, 'bell curve' shape like a metal detector. Maybe the shock wave speads out travelling on a 45 degree angle so what 'hits' first, at whatever depth reports? Do we know for absolute sure as verified by MA or do we just have really good theories on how we think it works... exactly?

Getting back to your original question, what do you want to believe? It's your choice, there are plenty of arguement on both sides of that coin.