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LBML Site and Downloadable Maps

Posted by DaJuggernaut 
LBML Site and Downloadable Maps
September 14, 2017 12:04PM
A couple of questions:

1) The maps on the LBML site with ore/enmatter % do not seem to be correct or up to date. For instance, the % shown on the map and the % shown when hovering over a specific area (displayed with the element table) are inconsistent. Can you check to see if this functionality is working correctly.

2) Many if not all of the maps, with maybe the exception of Toulan are very out of date. The terrain etc do not match the current maps in game. I will double check that I have the latest maps available for download from the LBML site, but can you please check to see the last time they were updated, some are very outdated.