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15/11/2012 Patch v0.9.3.0 New Automated Systems

Posted by Ido 
15/11/2012 Patch v0.9.3.0 New Automated Systems
November 15, 2012 07:52AM
- The tool will automatically track your position
- The tool will automatically detect you making drops
- The tool will automatically scan your claim deeds and update unknowns
- Treasure hunting for arkadia added
- Cyrene planet added
- Fix for new claim deed layout
- Fix for OCR memory leaks, with new tessa local server processes
- Fix for claim saving delay, claims stored localy then synchronized to the server
- Fix for long shutdown times and some graphics glitches
- Full framework rework to allow better expansion options
- Note: sorry for the dalay and October/November downtime... enjoy!

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