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06/03/2014 Mini Patch v0.9.4.5

Posted by Ido 
06/03/2014 Mini Patch v0.9.4.5
March 06, 2014 10:01PM
Added More Statistics Server communication and claim buffer sync state,
The claims are buffered and sent when the server is available.. this has been in the tool for quite some time to let people continue their mining in case of server failure/downtime.. (you can continue to log your finds but you won't be able to log in when starting the tool unfortunately)
There is a counter now on the map to indicate how many claims are in the queue waiting to be synced to with the server (there is a 5000 claim limit)
Also there is a % health status of the server affected by each failed or successful communication attempt.

Added color strip for radar size setting feedback. This should make it easier to set the right radar size in the settings menu

Fixed Linking claims to older drops. If you continue making drops without scanning your deeds and later want to scan the claims will now be connected to the proper drops from your current run. (you must scan them before ending your run.

Added option to Delete old runs, this is available in the run menu -> run info screen

Runs are now grouped into a tree structure in the runs menu.. to access a runs info click on it.

Re: 06/03/2014 Mini Patch v0.9.4.5
March 08, 2014 09:52AM
MEGA !! nice work !! TY Ido !!