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Automatic Position Tracking

Automatic Position Tracking
January 08, 2014 03:07AM

The tool tracks my position manually when pressing P however it does not track automatically.

I have been on auto-run for over 30 minutes while re-sizing the radar window ever-so-slightly and leaving it for a couple seconds before the next small increment. I have even tried the MAXED radar window size with the option in the Settings ENABLED. This does nothing.

Any suggestions?

I am running on Medium settings - windowed.

I have had LBML working previously, without problems - before the font change.

Re: Automatic Position Tracking
January 08, 2014 09:01AM
I am aware currently it is very hard to find the OLD maximum radar size .. I will try to make this process easier sooner right now i can only offer this as a guide line (from one of our users:screenshot)

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