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Another radar issue

Another radar issue
May 20, 2016 10:23AM
My radar only works in certain areas...

I got the radar up and running while at OLA#42. I ran around a bit and things were good. Then I TP'd to Fort Isis and the radar stopped working. I tried TPing somewhere else and it still didn't work. I TP'd back to OLA#42 and it worked again.

After some troubleshooting, I realized the "title" on the radar correlates with whether the tracking works or not.If the radar title displays "Calypso" then it doesn't track as it's supposed to, but if the title displays something else like "Amethera Outback Land #42" then the radar works fine.

I was also never able to move the radar from the top left of the screen and couldn't resize any smaller than max or it would stop. I placed a sticky note behind the radar, just in case that was the problem, but it didn't change any of my results.

I'm running EU on a 1080P TV through HDMI in a 720P window. R7 370 graphics with Windows 10. Any recommendations on getting this to work regularly?

-- Tropical Farmboy
Re: Another radar issue
May 21, 2016 06:48AM
I did my first run with LBML today and noticed it wasn't recognizing the drops either. I had to manually input each drop. If a deed was found, they were read without issue most of the time, but I was able to move the window to get it to read on the problem ones.

I checked the error folder with the deed screenshots and noticed the screenshot wasn't covering the entire EU game window. Maybe the radar and drop recognition problems are connected to this?

Edit: I was able to get the drop recognition working by disabling anisotropic filtering and moving the window to the middle or left side of the screen. Still won't work on the right side of the screen for some reason. I'm also able to reduce the radar ever so slightly from maximum and still have it work, but I can't move it from the top left corner without breaking the auto reading.

-- Tropical Farmboy

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Re: Another radar issue
June 29, 2016 04:36PM
what is your graphics quality setting?