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Posted by white evalic dawn 
October 12, 2015 02:01PM
Alright I am new to this. But here is my issue. I just downloaded everything and for most part works great. except the map part. I can see my claims and such but a part of the map is not showing. I am new to the game itself so not sure if I am just missing the 3 parts of the map so far because of something I might have to do but the bottom right hand side of the map for little big miner is not showing at all. Its grayed out. I only have 3 parts to the map so was wondering is there a 4th part which is the starting part that is missing or is it the wrong maps all together. Hope everyone can understand my question and would be even better if one of you lovely people have an answer on how to fix this or is this a issue of lack of maps for Cyrene?
Re: cyrene
October 12, 2015 04:06PM
the 4th map was never added to the client as i haven't been releasing any updates in a long while .. its coming soon ; ) i have a major update to the radar size selection coming just wrapping things up

Re: cyrene
October 12, 2015 04:29PM
Sweet thanks for the quick reply back. Awesome to hear there are still more updates to come. As well awesome work smiling smiley