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Black Screenshots - 3 Monitor setup

Black Screenshots - 3 Monitor setup
January 03, 2015 03:15PM
Good Afternoon All,

Long story short, when I hit scan, i get a black screenshot going to the error folder. I have attached that just in case.

Operating System: Windows 8.1
Monitor Setup: 3 Monitors, 2 running from Graphics Card, 1 running from Motherboard.
Europa running on Main monitor running from GFX, LBML running on monitor 2 also running from LBML (tried swapping all around).
Resolution for Europa: 1920 by 940 Windowed, also tried Full Screen.
I did not right click and change compatibility because the requested option isn't available in Windows 8.1
DirectX, DotNet and LBML all up to date.

If there is ANYMORE information I can provide, please ask and I will get that up here ASAP.

Thank you for your time and any assistance.
open | download - 6400_08_12_06.png (9.5 KB)
Re: Black Screenshots - 3 Monitor setup
January 03, 2015 03:40PM
Please Delete.

For some reason disabling all my monitors 1 by 1, then re-enabling them has fixed the issue.

Thank you.