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MindMiner v6.21 - miner manager program with online monitoring

Posted by jackboys 
MindMiner v6.21 - miner manager program with online monitoring
February 12, 2020 09:03AM
MindMiner - the miner manager programm with online monitoring
Miner manager programm. Support CPU mining and mining on nVidia and AMD cards.

This isnt a next fork based on MultiPoolMiner (NemosMiner, SniffDogMiner, MegaMiner, NPlusMiner and etc).
This is full new source code written by me with my minds of a console miner manager programm.
Thanks to aaronsace to the idea but weak implementation.

Download MindMiner

You may config any supported miner to any configuration.

* Accounting power consumption
* Very small code size
* Low memory use ~50Mb
* Self update
* User confirm for benchmarks and new pools
* No memory leak
* Small CPU usage
* Fast switch for most profit algo/coin
* Very configurable
* Different verbose level
* Pools actual balance
* Actual miners (if not write me)
* Up to three currencies supported list
* Api Pools proxy for more then 10 rigs (prevent blocking api pools request)
* Api/status server (http://localhost:5555)
* Switching resistance by percentage or timeout
* Run process before & after execution of miner
* Account accepted & rejected shares
* Failover pools support
* Rentals pool support

Supported Pools:
* NiceHash
* MinigPoolHub
* MiningRigRentals
* Zpool
* AhashPool
* ZergPool
* BlazePool
* HashRefinery
* BlockMasters

Supported Miners:
* bminer
* dstm zcash (equihash)
* cast xmr
* cpuminer (any)
* cpuminer-opt
* ccminer (any)
* ewbf (disabled by default, to enable change config file .\Miners\ewbf-xxx.config.txt)
* nheqminer (disabled by default, to enable change config file .\Miners\nheqminer-xxx.config.txt)
* sgminer (any)
* gatelessgate
* Claymore ethereum (no dual algo support for now)
* Claymore zcash (equihash)
* Claymore cryptonight
* Claymore neoscrypt
* PhoenixMiner (ethash)
* xmrig
* jce cryptonote
* cryptodredge