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Hof's & Globals 3 months on

Hof's & Globals 3 months on
September 08, 2016 04:24AM
Heard a lot from other peeps saying that they never get anything playing this game
well since i started little less than 3 months now I have got

HOF 155 PED Crude Oil

Global's July
Lysterium Stone Unknown

Global's August
Lytarian Dust Size 14
Iron Stone Size 14 PED
Lysterium Stone Unknown Roughly 60 PED
Endorium Stone Unknown Roughly 80 PED

Global's September
Crude Oil Size 13

And in that same time period 10 Global kills creatures incl 3 on same evening

If you dont know already open up the Folder LBML and you have 2 folders one contains ur HOF and one contains the Globals
Be interesting to see what others have success with.
Re: Hof's & Globals 3 months on
September 08, 2016 05:37AM
Congrats! : )
Looking forward to read everyone's success stories