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Improvement to the Guide

Improvement to the Guide
September 25, 2012 02:51AM
Hey, so i just downloaded the program and i had a few questions, wasn't sure where to put it. Just assumed here because that guide i couldn't make heads or tails of.

The main suggestion is just making the guide clear, you showed us how some things work and bit how to use it. I don't understand how to use the program at all from reading the guide.

Okay so i press p to see myself on the map. i run to a location i previously remember getting something to test out the program.

so i use my laptop and drop the probes/bomb. Now this is the first problem you never mentioned. When use the laptop it does indeed use probes to search for it but it also makes a bomb sound so im dropping the bomb. Do i use f11 to drop the bomb , or f12 to drop the probe? but then wait a second, you also said in the guide f11 is for ore and f12 is for em so now im confused as shit. f11 places a bomb marker and an ore marker, f12 places a probe marker and a em marker? how does that even work?

So after just randomly guessing i assume well i dropped a bomb, and got a hit so ill go press f11 to drop the bomb marker for map. i look at map and see there is an outline of a green circle lightly shaded in green so i assume thats the radius of the bomb drop. Now i run over too the Claim and i see that its a ore and not a em so i press f11 again because its for ore and then f12 because its a probe and found it. Well it just made another circle except it was blue and green mixed.

How did you get the small cirlces that represent ores/em so small. Why do you have bombs/ore and probes/em mixed together on same buttons it makes no sense!!!! i looked at the em radius and ore radius but i just left it because i can't find anywhere on my tool that says ore radius or em radius like the guide says it does.

Overall you're guide doesn't help could you please clear up whats going on and how to use the program to me or write a new guide in detail on how things work. im just so darn confused.
Re: Improvement to the Guide
September 25, 2012 07:00AM
I'm sorry you feel confused i'll try to explain a bit here:

So the guide is quite old a bit outdated.. when it was written about a year ago mining in entropia used bombs to find ores and probes to find enmatters .. it also used 2 separate tools for it so it wasn't possible to search for both at once like it is now.

Then the system changed and now you use one finder and only probes to find both ores and enmatters and also treasure. You can still search for only one at a time or both at once or all 3 i guess..

to make proper use of the current system start a new run (if you don't the tool will auto start it)
Whenever you use your finder mark all the types of resources you are searching for ... if you drop only for ores mark ores on the map likewise for enmatter. If you always drop both then you can configure 1 hot key for both drops so you don't have to press 2 keys. When a find comes up and you scan it it will associate itself with the proper drop.

Things changed a lot recently in mining in EU and im currently focusing on features for the tool and never have the time to update the guide .. for which i apologize and i will try to update it once i roll out this release.

I hope this clears up the confusion.

Best Regards
Ido Sunrider

Re: Improvement to the Guide
September 25, 2012 10:22AM
Thank you for clearing that up to me, helped alot. Have a nice day.
Re: Improvement to the Guide
November 23, 2012 04:47AM

I have prepared a new guide for the new version.

I would be very interested in hearing an opinion from your perspective.

Does it explain everything well ? or should i add some info or clarify certain sections?

Looking forward to your input
Best Regards
Ido Sunrider