03/05/2014 Mini Patch v0.9.4.8
May 03, 2014 05:50PM
Fixed OCR of HOFs - Where LBML wouldn't scan big sizes
Fixed Long resource names from RT where the resource name would take multiple lines
Drop filter is now last x.y hours .. so you can set it to 0.5 for the last 30 minutes
Added Player_ClaimToDropMatchXHours parameter limits old drop to claims matching .. this is for people who make extremely long runs mining the same area multiple times within one run .. this fixes the issue where the claim would be matched to the first drop that occurred in the area... now it will match the claim to the first drop that occurred in the area in the last X hours (by default set to 1 can also be a fraction like 0.5 for 30 min)

Re: 03/05/2014 Mini Patch v0.9.4.8
May 04, 2014 07:17AM

After updating to x.x.8 I'm getting the 270m error. It only logs the claim if I press P.

p.s. apologies, I did not notice the bug section, I'll post a thread there with this issue.

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