No maps and P will not update
June 08, 2014 03:45AM

I have not been able to get LBML working for most of this year. One of the early updates (might have been last year sometime) killed it so I rolled it back and carried on. When the GUI changed, even that stopped and I was forced to update.

{LBMLUpdater just crashes, but Updater works ok)

Am currently running, but a) I get grey map square and no maps and b) pressing P has no effect.

Selecting the map from the filter displays it (and all my old drops), but P will not update position. I also noticed that "Sample Radar" seems to have no effect. I never see anything in the grey square.

My system is fairly strange (I run window mode on W8.1, dual monitor, 64 bit and have an SSD C:\ so much stuff is on E:\). Something in that lot is causing problems. Is there any way to figure out what, please.

LBML is a great little app and I don't want to mine without it :-) And I'm sick of hunting and crafting :-)

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Re: No maps and P will not update
June 08, 2014 03:48PM
windows 8 can be an issue .. but P should work based on chat log .. for the tool to recognize your position the chat log has to be in english and the game window title should include the planet name in square brackets ([Planet Calypso] for example)

If your radar auto sizing tool shows only black you will have issues with scanning the claims press scan and see what the image shows ... i don't have win 8 so im unable to support you with it.

Re: No maps and P will not update
June 08, 2014 04:44PM
Hi Ido,

Thanks for the reply.

My game is running in English and my window title is "Entropia Universe Client (64 bit) [Calypso]". It doesn't say Planet Calypso, just Calypso.

My chat log is in "My Documents\Entropia Universe\Chat.txt" on the C:\ drice and when I press P the line in the chat log looks like this:

2014-06-08 09:23:31 [System] [] [82211, 78297, 147]

What is slightly odd is that in-game, the empty square brackets contain [Ax] (ava name) but not in the chat log.

LBML is installed in a My Documents on the E: drive. Those of us with SSDs habitually store the minimum on them (mine is only 238GB ), and run a second, slower drive with the rest of My Documents on it. Don't know if you assume they are both on the same drive or something. I am a C# programmer, so I can find out what certain system calls return on my system if you want to look into this and that would help. It's up to you.

The radar issue, I'm not worried about. TBH I didn't even realise you had added this until relatively recently and I am quite happy to press P every time I drop a bomb.

Thanks a lot,

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Re: No maps and P will not update
June 09, 2014 04:00PM
can you try a fresh install from v 9.4.0?

there was an issue with 9.3.3->9.3.4 upgrade that might have broken something in your install.

Your chat log position line and window title text seem fine.. so in principle it should work correctly.


Re: No maps and P will not update
June 10, 2014 01:58AM
OK, I downloaded the 9.4.0 zip file. Upon running, it automatically upgraded to the latest version. Looking good as I couldn't do this before. Running, it still doesn't seem to respond to P, but this time I was able to set up the radar reading code and so now it reads the map position from the radar.

I call that a result! I'll try some mining now and see how I get on. Thanks very much :-)