270m error after x.x.8 update
May 04, 2014 02:25PM

After updating to x.x.8 yesterday I'm getting the 270m error all the time. It only logs the claim if I press P. Before the update it worked well without me having to press the P button.

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Re: 270m error after x.x.8 update
May 04, 2014 05:30PM
what is the 270m error ? can you send me a screenshot from the errors folder ?

Re: 270m error after x.x.8 update
May 04, 2014 07:43PM
I guess I should have described my problem more clearly. The error says that the image was captured successfully, but the claim was not logged because I'm too far away and need to move to no further than 270m away. This is your auto protection. In order to get the claim logged I have to press P button every time.

In the previous version, it automatically took the coordinates from radar (I specially resized it for LBML, in order for it to work). I haven't touched any settings or anything regarding EU and now in the new LBML version it cannot get the radar coordinates (at least it seems that way).

Re: 270m error after x.x.8 update
May 04, 2014 09:47PM
please do 2 things

1st: disable the claim deed object form the claim deed window (will be easier for the LBML to read the text)
2nd: use the new guide in the auto tab to resize the radar so it reads properly.

I understand from what you are writing is that you are not using drops? If you would the tool would attempt to match the claim to one of the drops in your current run .. and if it would match then you would not have to be "close" to the claim.. else im trying to prevent the tool reading the claim accidentally as in the middle of the sea somewhere grinning smiley