Windows glitch conflicting with lbml install
October 28, 2019 05:46AM
Your instructions say:
2.2 Download, Unzip and Update
To start running the tool:

1) Download the latest release from here on the website.
2) Unzip it to any location you have write access to.
3) Run the LittleBigMiningLog.exe or Updater.exe to update the tool with all the mini patches.

I extracted the .zip and tried to run LBML, but it asked for .net framework 3.5... the download for .net 3.5 has been failing since win 7 through win 10 and while there are pages to say how to work around this failure none of them work. I have tried many times over the past month since I ran into this issue trying to install a game. All the code wants to claim I don;'t have a valid internet connection or I can't reach the win updater website (which might be correct).

I'm not certain why your code wants to recompile itself, but is there another way to provide your product? I've been banging my head on this download failure almost every day. I am running win 8.1 on a 6 or 7 year old dual core computer with 8gb ram.