Map issues with LBML halting my mining! [FIXED]
August 31, 2015 12:07PM
Hello, it seems there is an issue that I have come across with LBML, not sure if it was just me or if it is happening with others?

I am having an issue with trying to get lbml to read my location, first off, I load the program, the map I had loaded is now just a blank gray square, I read someone said to change the map within filter to get it working, ok I did that, it then shows my map, tho zoomed way out, so in game I hit P, then while still inside filters it puts to map from Arkadia back to none, it happens every time I hit P.

Not sure why this is happening, also it seems the sample radar too does not work for me, so I can't fix my radar to even notice me on LBML even if I zoom in on the map it self, I still do not show up on the map I am using, not sure if there is a bug just tonight or what went wrong since earlier in the day, like 6 + hours earlier the program was working just fine, I even opened a new fresh copy.

I too am unable to update, I keep getting an error, so it seems the version I have or something is either bugged or something happened with the lbml servers making it so the program is not responding to me?

[] This is a video of whats going on with my LBML

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Re: Map issues with LBML halting my mining!
September 01, 2015 03:09AM
NVM I found out what the issue is, never run Team Viewer in the background, it will cause issues with lbml, since it puts a little square with two arrows on the program, I guess it caused an issue...