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Share data on already mined areas

Share data on already mined areas
February 22, 2014 01:38AM
I know that all of our data is fed into 'the server' which stores it and does what it does with it.

Is there any way where we could possibly have a function where as, if I am mining in a location and someone has been there recently, say 12 hours, I can see that, it's been mined here before, based on feedback given to server from those of us running the program. This might help save folks ped overall and earn more in the long run because if I mined an area and you come through 30 minutes later, chances are you are not going to do very well.


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Re: Please list the most annoying issues
February 22, 2014 04:50AM
has this been tested.. we should get 2 miners to team up and go on a mining run with the same gear.. drop bombs in the same spot one after the other .. to check if claims are global or local for each player ...

Any research been done in this?

Re: Please list the most annoying issues
February 23, 2014 06:22AM
I would be curious too, me and a friend share map data back and forth, even though we use different tools, we do not hit in the same area after the other has checked it, it could be tool related, however, we have also tried to same finders. usually same result. poor success. About the only tip to offer that helped the other was hit rate in a certain area. higher hit rate usually meant the zone was paying out better for that time. further research is needed for sure.
Re: Please list the most annoying issues
July 04, 2014 09:09AM
Ok this is a rather late reply but I have done this somewhat with another person.
The results were very well.. random. Sometimes Id find another claim in the spot he just dropped, other times not.

There is the possibility of a claim further out.
There is a possibility of a smaller claim
There is a possibility of no claim found on second drop.

I would kind of believe ones individual 'loot table' and finder and skill and all that would kind of play into the overall result. I would overall from my observations though say that if you are mining side by side with someone, your chances of finding something there after they just dropped, unless it's a dense field (in which case anyone would find), are pretty low.

Without knowing all the variables and how they wiggle them behind the scenes, it's really just theory like most of the 'law and lore' we hear about how things work smiling smiley


Re: Please list the most annoying issues
September 02, 2014 12:05AM
The spawn areas for mining is just as big as for hunting or even bigger. so when you mine an area new spawns are popping up but it might not be in the exact same area you mined. Say for example you are in a certain spawn and nobody else is hunting that mob in that spawn, eventually you wont see any mobs you can target as they are too far away, the same thing applies to mining. say for example you mine an area 500x500m run that over a couple of times stuff may spawn outside of that but it does spawn instantly, you are quite likely to find ore in the area but it may not be that much. So to mine an area completely you need to carpet bomb a laarge area.