A way to tag amped?
November 15, 2015 03:07AM
Hello everyone.
I was wondering how hard it would be to somehow 'tag' a find, for lack of a better word with if you were amped or not. Granted this might be difficult to 'auto' do but maybe when we fill out the info on our run area as to how much a drop cost us, it can transfer that to the claim?

Let me try to explain. When you look at your map you see all your dots of your finds. When you hover over a claim it tells date time and size of claim. Now lets say I am looking at my IX, X claims etc, what I would like to know is, was that a standard drop that I found that size or was it an amped drop, and if so how big of an amp did I have on it (which you could tell by the overall cost of the drop)

Don't see this as being a super priority thing but a someday down the road something nice thing.

Thank you

Re: A way to tag amped?
November 15, 2015 06:20PM
Is there a direct way to translate the drop cost into amp size ?
I'm storing the drop cost in the DB i could easily display it when you hover over the claim.
There is a feature in the works where you can configure exactly the gear you are using.
However its pretty far away on the list.

For the release coming soon you will have 5 tabs to put in your tool details (like they are now) so that its easier to switch and you don't have to retype things.

Re: A way to tag amped?
November 26, 2015 04:20AM
Yes, an Amp has a 'fixed' value per drop, per 'item' I have seen.

Here is the Entropedia page that kind of explains it

The prices are in PEC for the decay.
The prices are PER ITEM looked for.

For example:
The level 2 Amp has a decay of 50 PEC.

If I look for Ore, that is one item and 50 pec per drop.
If I look for Enmat, that is one item and same decay.
If I look for both in the same drop that is TWO items, and decay will be 100 PEC / drop now on the amp.
The decay is NOT tied to the value of the probes dropped looking for the Item, unlike the finder where decay IS tied to probes dropped.

The page I listed shows all the amps and their perspective decay rates. YES big amps are expensive as hell.


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