03/10/2014 Patch v0.9.7.0 The Store
October 03, 2014 04:01PM
- With this release we introduce the Store where you can spend your Miner Points
- Added the first working feature to the store - Hex Grid
- The claim details in the main window now also include the tt range for the size

Re: 03/10/2014 Patch v0.9.7.0 The Store
October 04, 2014 01:21AM
so is the hex available now, or at v10? I just got the map from greenleaf, will it allow me to see the grid? whats time on v10? im excited now, hehe

Re: 03/10/2014 Patch v0.9.7.0 The Store
October 04, 2014 08:40AM
Hi i'm not sure what map you heave got from green leaf. can you explain more?

The Hex grid is now available in the in-tool store. you can click the little shopping cart icon in the bottom right of the tool to access it. Right now only people who donated to LBML will have points to check it out so not everyone will be able to run it right now. But once v 1.0 will come out (hopefully before the year ends) everyone will have a chance to exchange their current finds in return for Miner Points or decide to keep them secret forever instead.

As it stands now the hex grid is available to people who donated (to help me test the store in a limited scale roll-out to help identify problems early). If you are eager to try it out please "fold your feelings".