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Location works but not drops or claims.

Location works but not drops or claims.
March 31, 2020 06:07AM
Hi, long time user and fan of this and do appreciate the time put in to make it, and I have managed to get it working on every computer I have owned...up until now.
My computer broke the other day and I had to build a new i3 coffee lake 8th gen CPU 1151 rig. Windows 10 pro, which I had on the last computer.
It worked fine on my other installation of windows 10, but this time, I just can't get the drops or claims to work. Everything else seems fine.
I'll point out the only different thing I had on the other comp was LBML was also downloaded, which got me going last time, as the standard version didn't work on that one either.
I have noticed this windows 10 is slightly different than my last one, but for the life of me I cannot nail down why it just wont read claims or drops from my finder. Please find attached a screenshot of night time on calypso with my finder equipped. I thought this might help as it shows how light/dark my settings are, it is the default medium graphics setting, with everything on your guide done (vert sync etc)

was also wondering if I could get that copy of as it's how I got it going last time, unless you know of something in the newest windows 10 that could be causing me problems.
All the servers are running, but radar etc are all at 0%
Ok my firewall stopped it updating to but i see it zipped in the update folder now, is has successfully updated, but it still doesnt read drops/claims.

Update: Don't know what I done, but got the claim to read and deplete, and drop to register. Only in windowed mode. Was able to mine in full-screen before, and entropia doesn't have the full-screen windowed mode option anymore. I guess I'll have to adjust the .config file to change the windowed size, wonder why I could use LBML in full-screen mode before though? Like what changed to let me do that..

I'll probably talk myself into a solution here, but at least someone else might read this when i'm done smileys with beer

Update 01-04-20: OK got it to work on my new computer, and I'll try to explain it the best way I can, although i'm not too sure what exactly happened but here's the things I done;

After completely making a mess of things, here goes.
I had LBML extracted to my desktop so I removed this and made a folder in my documents 'Mining Log' and extracted it there instead. don't know if this made a difference, but windows has gotten pickier over what it gives permissions to so that's why I made this move.

When you try to install LBML the first time and try to update it, it will run into a firewall or antivirus problem, just accept it and you won't get those again. I also changed LBML to open as administrator and disabled fullscreen optimizations (right click littlebigmininglog.exe>properties>compatability>change settings for all users>click disable fullscreen optimizations and run this program as administrator, do this for Entropia as well.
Now i was able to get LBML to run in windowed mode, even though I couldn't use my full screen, and I also tried to get the radar sample to go green, which I have never been able to do, but I still click the white triangle as instructed, and it has always worked for me.
BUT the different thing I done that I hadn't tried before was to go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Entropia Universe\bin32 (could be different on your computer) and right click on the Entropia.exe NOT the client loader or updater etc, and click on compatibility mode and select 'windows 7'

I'm not sure because I spent days on this, but I'm almost certain this was the sole reason it wasn't working. NOW IT WORKS IN FULLSCREEN ON MEDIUM/HIGH GRAPHICS SETTING!! Oh yeah be sure to go into your entropia config file(with game closed) C:\ProgramData\entropia universe\public_users_data right click on settings-ce and change your brightness to 0.5 and gamma to 0.975 or you will have problems. save it then exit. If you can't find program data, open up file explorer>view>options>change folder and search options>view and click 'show hidden files and folders'

HOPE THIS HELPS FEK I'M HAPPYY!!!smileys with beer

EDIT: woke up this morning to mine and it didn't work again sad smiley so turned graphics to low, put on windowed, worked. Put back to full-screen, stopped working. checked graphics settings; changed full-screen mode to my proper screen resolution instead of 'auto' and it worked again! Still crashes every half a dozen drops or so, but i'm going to work that out and post result here.

EDIT: Ok eliminated the crashes I turned my gfx to low and slowly one by one enabled my advanced graphic settings to 'medium' as that's what my computer is happy running. Done around 20-40 drops after enabling each one, i'm telling you it's like the old days LBML just doesn't like you having shadows enabled, it's the only thing I have left on low and I haven't had problems with it.

Hope it helps, if i'm online in game and you are having problems message me and i'll try to help out, but be aware that I AFK craft alot please don't be offended if I don't answer PM's, I will eventually get back to you.

UPDATE: The full-screen option goes back to auto every time you log in, so unfortunately you gotta put it back to your screens resolution every time sad smiley

UPDATE: After using it in this fashion for many mining trips, this is what I have to do EVERY TIME: Start mining log, go into windowed mode in Entropia, drop a probe and show claim (all this will work in windowed mode) full screen and put on your proper resolution, not auto, drop, go into windowed again, drop and claim, then full-screen proper resolution, works for rest of day without crashing.

REMEMBER - You can turn all other graphics up but shadows has to be on low, OR IT CRASHES LBML CONSTANTLY. IF you are happy to mine in windowed mode, just do that, it will work flawlessly but if you want full-screen, you gotta do the steps above.

For some reason, windowing it twice seems to be the key.

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Re: Location works but not drops or claims.
April 14, 2020 12:40AM
A little late to the party, but I recently had to redownload since I was playing off a different computer and had a few similar issues starting out.

If you want a previous version of LBML, just change the target url to the desired version: [www.mininglog.com]

My issues were ironically in windowed mode, but drops were not detected because of the finder UI overlapping my chat window / edge of the screen too much when I changed the resolution from my old settings. I just needed to move the UI to fix that issue.

Somewhat related, but I actually haven't had your issues even though I normally play fullscreen with a second monitor for LBML. Whether it's detecting drops, location, etc. it seems like gamma adjustments make the biggest differences. Night works pretty well for me, but on snow or sometimes sand (white backgrounds just don't work well with the white coordinates EU uses), I'll temporarily change gamma to make it work more consistently. Between gamma and maybe brightness, that usually seems to be all that's needed if LBML is running under normal settings at least outside of positioning that interferes with the OCR.
Re: Location works but not drops or claims.
April 17, 2020 05:36AM
Cool, yeah it's working flawlessly for me now, basically windowing it twice then back to full-screen is all I have to do.

But for me shadows on anything above low crashes LBML nothing else although I went into the settings config file for Entropia and manually adjusted the gamma and brightness to the recommended settings.

All in all, happy to have it going again, and apologize for the massive post but I get a little excited when I figure stuff out smiling bouncing smiley