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LBML Radar

LBML Radar
October 20, 2019 11:18AM
LBML will no longer track my movement on the map. If I click the radar whcih give it focus, LBML recognizes the radar and follows me until the radar loses focus. It's almost as if the radar isn't bright enough to be read when I am moving around. I have checked the guide and everything is set up correctly. Windows 10 no longer has a way to disable desktop composition in the latest upgrade. I know the radar is the correct size as the "Capture Sample of Radar" is green when the radar is focused and goes red if I make it even one pixelk bigger or smaller. It just won't read the radar anymore once I get moving around and leave me constantly having to press the P key. Very frustrating as it used to work perfectly.
Re: LBML Radar
October 20, 2019 11:28AM
Ok, so I figured it out but can't fix it permanently. If you click the radar, the radar gets brighter and is "focused". If I run around with the radar focused, the map and tracking me on the map works perfectly. As soon as I right click my mouse to turn my character or click anything or anywhere else, the radar loses focus, gets dimmer, and no longer follows my position. Is there any way to fix this PLEASE?!

I've been using LBML for years and years and it sucks to not be able to use it like I was used to in the past. I can't believe more people haven't come on here and complained on the forums about this as my brother has the exact same issue and no longer uses LBML because of it.

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Re: LBML Radar
October 24, 2019 12:30AM
Many people are having this problem. There are other thread about this same problem. No one has come up with a good fix for it yet. I am not sure what Ido's take is on this.