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Defeated sad smiley

Defeated sad smiley
September 24, 2018 04:53PM
Hello, I'm new to this addon, which would be very useful. If I was able to use it.
I spent roughly an hour, tweaking all of my stuff and following all your precise instructions and finally manage to get it working.
For it to work, I needed to changed my windows scaling, but as a zbrush user, it completely destroys my zbrush ui. Without switching back and forth. Also with image constantly being read to gain my long/lat, I've found I have to leave my map in an inconvenient location for it to work. Would it be possible for future ui alterations, that you would consider making, the reading the long/lat easier to configure. With giving the user the ability to set the area of their screen being read, rather than a fixed location. This might fix the scaling bug.

I'm really sorry to ask. But, I'm unable to use this lovely addon, without fixing my windows icons every time I use the program, due to switching between windows scaling, that I'd be altering on a daily basis, with the worry of breaking my zbrush ui.
The only other thing I could recommend to improve everyone's experience with this, is a collective database of deeds that could be uploaded by every user, to a central database, with a successful collection of a mining deed. You could then improve the accuracy of everyone's statistics.

Thanks for reading my noobie post and sorry If I'm way off the mark on anything,

Good luck to everyone <3

Re: Defeated sad smiley
September 24, 2018 08:31PM
Hi Ruth,

I believe if you do the auto config of the radar, it should work fine after you change the windows scaling.

Windows scaling causes the window title bar to be larger which throws off the offset calculations done after clicking the radar white arrow tip.

After your auto radar detection is running you can move the radar to any position of the game window. If the ground is too bright on the planet you are on you can put a post-it note under the radar to provide an opaque background for the radar (i personally use this technique)

Also, you can run the tool without using any of the auto features and rely on hotkeys.

I hope you will be able to continue using the tool

Best Regards
Ido Sunrider