July 27, 2014 09:09AM
I just got a reject from Norton after downloading the new version saying that it has a Trojan by the name of SONAR.Heuristic.120. Is this for real?

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Re: SONAR.Heuristic.120
July 27, 2014 02:58PM
I believe its a false positive ..

Try with bitdefender which is rated #1 antivir for virus detection by various rankings.

I know when i was using Avast it gave me various false positives after i implemented a new security method.

If you DL from the LBML website there shouldnt be anything threat in the program.


Re: SONAR.Heuristic.120
July 27, 2014 04:53PM
I am using Avira free Antivirus for years, and work perfectly.