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crashing program

crashing program
August 15, 2021 09:33PM
hi all
when i start to play EU the lbml program crashes i have done all the settings, scanned the radar, it works for about 15 secs before closing down
I did a complete re-install of windows 10 beforehand and installed and reinstalled several times LBML but still closes down 15 sec or so in

I have noticed there is no update file or folders for my globals or hofs within the directory
any help much appreciated
Re: crashing program
August 18, 2021 08:18AM
Are there any other error messages? If you just leave the program sit, does it still crash, or are you happening to attempt a scan usually when this happens?

It sounds similar to what happened in this thread: [www.mininglog.com]

In short, make sure your chat log is not in a OneDrive folder. If you are getting error message at all, there's a chance your virus scanner (like Avast) could be locking up the folder and preventing write access when trying to take a screenshot.