cpuminer-opt v3.12.3.1, open source optimized multi-algo CPU miner
February 18, 2020 05:57PM
This is the home of cpuminer-opt, the optimized CPU miner.

Supporting over 90 agorithms with many optimized for CPUs with the latest technologies:

AMD Ryzen: AVX2, SHA
Intel Skylake X: AVX512
Intel Icelake: AVX512, SHA, and VAES (source code only at this time)

Older CPUs with SSE2 are also supported.

Unique features

Block and share time estimates.

True hashrate reporting with comparison with actual share submission rate.

Download cpuminer-opt v3.12.3.1

New in v3.12.3.1

Issue #241: Fixed regression that broke coinbase address in v3.11.2.