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[ANN] cpuminer-multi v1.3.5 (Linux + Windows VStudio/MinGW64) GPL Open Source

Posted by Vasya 
[ANN] cpuminer-multi v1.3.5 (Linux + Windows VStudio/MinGW64) GPL Open Source
August 15, 2019 02:55PM
Winter is coming, and this year i shutdown electric heaters Wink

Fork of Lucas Jones 1.0.3 version, with colors and some new algos.
my v1.0.4 changes were merged but nothing new from Lucas, so :

DOWNLOAD [bitbucket.org]

Version 1.3.5
- Add allium algo
- Add x12 algo
- Add x16s algo
- Add phi and phi2
- Add sonoa
- Handle new aeon cryptolight variant
- Handle new monero algo (hardcoded)

Version 1.3.3
- Add tribus algo
- Add x16r algo
- Add keccakc variant

Version 1.3.2
- Add bitcore algo
- Add jha algo

Version 1.3.1
- Add timetravel algo
- Add --max-log-rate to limit per-core logs

Version 1.3 (Tanguy Pruvot)
- Add decred algo
- Add lbry algo
- Add sia algo
- Add x11evo algo
- Add x17 and xevan algos
- Add veltor algo
- Enhance Blake2-S
- Stratum benchmarks support
- Show diff and solved blocks by default

Version 1.2 (Tanguy Pruvot)
- Add cryptonight-light (Aeon)
- Add Lyra2REv2 algo (Vertcoin)
- Allow to load a remote config with curl
- Algorithm parameter is now case insensitive
- Drop anime algo (dead coin)
- Add Sib(coin) algo
- Add Bastion algo
- Add Yescrypt and scrypt-jane algos
- Compute and show network diff in pools too
- Compute Shares diff and count solved blocks
- Checkup on arm, tested ok on Tegra K1 (CyanogenMod 12.1)

version 1.1
- Add basic API remote control (quit/seturl)
- Add GroestlCoin, Diamond and Myriad variants
- Add Pluck algo and fix gbt query crash
- Add ZR5 algo (ZRC) and fix longpoll bug on linux
- Add Luffa algo
- Add Skein2 algo (Double Skein for Woodcoin)
- Add Animecoin algo (Quark variant)
- Add Dropcoin pok algo
- Add BMW-256 (MDT) algo
- Add Axiom algo
- Change some logged strings
- Use all cores by default, not N-1
- Handle a default config to run without params
- add cpu-priority and cpu-affinity options
- add NSIS installer script for windows setup
- Implement background option on windows
- add -m stratum option (diff-multiplier)
- Time limit to allow benchmarks or cron jobs
- Fix Cryptonight stratum support
- Allow to disable extranonce support

Version 1.0.9
- pool extranonce subscribe
- upgrade jansson
- lyra2 algo
- fix for solo mining
- API websocket support

Version 1.0.8
- API Monitoring Support
- Enhance config values support (int/real/bool)
- Rewrite blake algo (speed x2)

Version 1.0.7 - VC2013 + MinGW 64

- Add NIST5 and QUBIT algos
- Show current stratum bloc height
- Fix wallet solo mining

Version multi 1.0.6

- Fix scrypt algo
- More work on VC2013
- Add -f tuning option to test with reduced difficulty
- Add S3 algo

Version 1.0.5

- Merge remaining v2.4 pooler cpu-miner changes
- Add colored output (disable with --no-color)
- Test and fix blake on NEOS, needs 14 rounds (was 8)
- Add pentablake (5x blake256) (from bitbandi)
- Add neoscrypt
- Windows (VC++ 2013 and MinGW64 build support)
- Enhance --version informations (compiler + lib versions)

Version 1.0.4 (Tanguy Pruvot)

- Add x13 x14 and x15 algos (Sherlockcoin, X14Coin, Webcoin..)
- Add scrypt:N variants (Vertcoin)
- Add fresh algo
- Fix thread khashes/s value output
- Add a configure option --disable-assembly