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Question about your code

Question about your code
August 09, 2013 08:56PM
Hello =)

I hope its not too impertinent a question, but I am currently trying to develop (initially for personal use, unless the community shows interest) a detailed hunt tracking tool that does not rely on being on team (i.e. chat parsing) to gather loot info.

I've been a long-time user of your tool, and it is one of my inspirations for what I'm currently developing (I'm also trying to use OCR to detect loot info, inspired on how you detect claim info).

What I am most curious about is your method for detecting a probe drop automatically, and if it is for ore, enmatter or both. My best guess is that you check, also using OCR, for the 'waiting' message on the finder UI thingie, but I have no idea how you actually do it...

Figured I'd just point-blank ask, since it might inspire me to come up with a better solution to detect loot events when hunting >.>

Currently, I'm trying to match the cost for killing a mob (based on each damage/crit/evade messages from chat parsing and calculated with entropedia's cost-per-use info on weapons) with its loot, but those not-so-rare occasions where the loot server lags (sometimes for the duration of multiple kills) things just get screwy.

My hope in asking this is actually that I'm wrong and you managed to come up with a better/different solution than OCR...