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Request for Code Base Access?

Request for Code Base Access?
July 27, 2017 04:51AM
Hey there...

I appreciate this used to be (may still be) a source of income for you as a software platform.
However, this code-base has had issues for me under Windows 10 since the day Win10 upgraded (does not recognise my radar, survey box area etc), and additionally I've not seen a code update release since Jan last year.

I am a developer and badly want to just run the code in debug mode to try and find out why it can't read my coords - screenshots look perfectly clear but the Step 2 never goes green.

I have a modern machine, with a GTX980 in here, and graphics cranked all the way to VERY HIGH and still this stuff does not read.
Are there recommended lower settings they work on?

As I said: I am interested in helping fix this code base now since I'd like to use it but it's been non-functional (in terms of auto-tracking) on all my Win10 machines.Is there an NDA I can sign, a specific payment or some other agreements you'd like etc...?

With thanks for your time and interest,
Re: Request for Code Base Access?
July 29, 2017 01:36AM
disable anti aliasing in NVIDIA control panel and also anisotropic filtering in game settings.

Code remains private due to data integrity concerns


Re: Request for Code Base Access?
July 29, 2017 01:39AM
I can help you debug your issues, i'm quite sure its just a settings issue.