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Automatic position update frequency

Posted by UNKNOWN1232 
Automatic position update frequency
January 05, 2013 07:23PM

Love the tool and I'm using it constantly. Recently I started using some of the automatic features, namely automatic drop detection and position update. The automatic drop detection works like a charm, love it. However, I would really like to have an option to configure the update frequency of my position. Using the manual position update it's easy to get your drop nice a packed without stopping and it would be great if we could have that with the automatic operation as well. I realize some PCs will not be able to handle too frequent updates but if your PC can handle it (or if you can live with 15 fps) then I see no reason why you shouldn't have that option. So maybe a "use with caution" label or as an option only available through the config file would work.

Keep up the good work!
Re: Automatic position update frequency
January 05, 2013 07:50PM
Hi : )

Its impossible to have it more frequent because the in-game radar display doesn't update that fast : ) else i would have done it so : )

If you need it to update faster automatically you can however get a 3rd party program to spam P for you .. but that is sort of against the eula i guess grinning smiley so i don't advise doing that. I haven't implemented such a feature myself because its out of line with regards to the documents i submitted to MA to get the tool EU approved.

Best Regards
Ido Sunrider

Re: Automatic position update frequency
January 05, 2013 08:03PM
Ah, of course.
I like to have my system messages showing so that I see when people log on etc, but my own position spamming makes the whole chat a bit too pink for my taste smiling smiley. Oh well, I'll learn to press P when I'm about to drop to get that extra precision.

Thanks for the explanation anyways!
Re: Automatic position update frequency
February 20, 2014 03:25PM
I have now implemented a setting in the config file which manages how often the AUTO loop is run (screenshot and automatic detection) the frequency you should run it at depends on your hardware mostly and game settings .. experiment with the value and don't let the LBML take too much CPU power .. by default it is set to 1000 ms.

the setting is called: Auto_SampleFrequencyMs